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Ahsoka Tano-Inspired Paper Snowflake Free Template

Hi all! Long time, no blog.  Making paper snowflakes on Thanksgiving weekend is a long-standing family tradition around here. (As you may remember from my post last year where I shared some tips on making paper snowflakes.) If you follow me online at all, you also know that my lifelong love for Star Wars has been completely rekindled since The Force Awakens came out.  Ahsoka Tano was one of the stars of the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has since gone on to play an important role in Star Wars Rebels and even gotten her own young adult novel. guys, she has WHITE LIGHTSABERS src She's quickly become one of my favorite characters (I'm not saying I'm wearing an Ahsoka shirt as I write this, but that definitely might be happening) and I found myself drawing inspiration from her character design for this snowflake. I tried to work in the points of her montrals, the slanted stripes on her lekku, and the markings on her forehead.  I shared t

I'm Starting a Vlog

I've decided to try out vlogging. I won't usually post it here, but I figured I would for the first video. Today I introduced myself and rambled about Shakespeare for a while.