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Thankful Thursdays: Thanksgiving Edition

It's still technically Thursday/Thanksgiving for a few minutes (in my time zone anyway). So here's a quick list of things I'm thankful for today. I don't know about you, but it puts my life in perspective and really helps me have a positive attitude if I sit down and make a list of my thankfulnesses (probably not a word, but whatevs, it's 11:30pm) once in a while.  Mocking the parade with my silly family Traditions:cutting paper snowflakes, teaching little bro all the techniques and watching his excitement as he gets better at them throughout the day.  A not-so-fun Thanksgiving day run to the grocery store for cold medicine for my parents that turned into a fun time with littlest bro. He turns on full charm mode when we go out together.  Finally CHRISTMAS MOVIES The Grinch (Ron Howard/Jim Carrey live action version) Quoting the Grinch (most quotable ever, am I right?) Monk DVDs out from the library. Reliving the glory days of watching it with my family a

Free Taylor Swift Lyric Background

you got that James Dean  daydream look in your eyes and I got that red lip classic thing that you like Anyone else loving T-Swift's new album? I got carried away and made myself a phone background with lyrics from Style by Taylor Swift. Full resolution for iPhone 5 and 1366x768 desktop  here . Feel free to resize/use however you want, just credit me!