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Thankful Thursdays: Potential

Today I'm thankful for potential.  I'm thankful that some things are moving in good directions in my life right now. I'm feeling really encouraged about the coffee business right now. Business is falling into our laps really naturally and I'm getting more and more confident in doing things that have felt really hard. It's looking like I may have some cool dance opportunities coming up in the next several months. I have some projects and travel plans in the works for the summer. I'm praying a lot and excited to see where all of these things go.  Photo Credit: my sister Peace What are you thankful for today? Thankful Thursdays Link Up:

Happy 450th Birthday, Shakespeare!

Today we celebrate William Shakespeare's 450th birthday. (And incidentally, the day he died.) There is no official record of Shakespeare's birth, but he was baptized on April 26th, 1564, so it's a pretty good guess that he was born three days before that. Let's party like it's 1599!

Celebrating Shakespeare: 11 Adaptations Available Online

It's Shakespeare's 450th Birthday today, and I've made a list of several great film and filmed stage productions of Shakespeare's work that are available online. (I've added a * next to the ones I've seen.) I've written a bit more about the Bard and his birthday in a separate post . So without further ado....

Thankful Thursdays: Siblings

Today I'm thankful for siblings. It's Sibling Day today and I'm pretty thankful for my best friends!

DIY Benedict Cumberbatch Bookmarks

I shared pictures of my latest craft on Instagram and Twitter and people are asking me how to make them, so figured I'd share.