A Quick Update

Hello loyal readers!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while; it's been kind of chaotic around here. Performances coming up, travel plans in the works, family members traveling, the Olympics, knitting orders to fill, coffee websites to build, friends to see, naps to take, books to read.....blogging hasn't been a priority.

Anyway, here's what I'm planning on getting up here in the next few weeks:

Thankful Thursdays-Will be back tomorrow. 

About Lent-I've had a few friends who choose to DO something instead of giving something up and I'm going with that idea this year. I will explain in a full post in the next few days. 

Aerial Silks-you might not even know what this is, but it's a really cool thing I'm learning and I want to share about it. 

Knitting-I am making progress on my Katniss Cowl and I also have a super cute baby sweater in the works for a friend. I will share some pictures soon. 

Cooking-I haven't had a lot of time for adventurous cooking projects lately, but I have a couple of things I want to try out soon, experimenting with some fermented things. My mom just picked up a super cool book on making Kimchi!

Update on my 2014 goals-I will soon have a few things crossed off my list.

Fiction Writing-I have a few stories swirling around in my head and maybe I'll share them eventually.

What are you keeping busy with? Do you have anything you'd like to hear me write/share about?