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Thankful Thursdays: Small Things

This week I'm thankful for small things.  Homemade Enchiladas. The Olympics. Family Time. Aerial Silks. Good deals on online shopping. Being caught up on Etsy orders. African Dance. Creme Brulee. What are you thankful for today? Thankful Thursdays Link Up:

Current Inspiration: Winter Olympics

I am finding lots of pretty things in the Sochi Winter Games so far. There were SO MANY beautiful stranded knits in the parade of nations and now I just want to knit all the Fair Isle and Nordic patterns! And have you noticed that Finland's snowboarding team has been knitting a scarf? Read the story  here .  1. Andorra. 2. Latvia. 3. Estonia. 4. Belarus. 5. Poland. 6. Serbia. 

Remembering Shirley Temple

When I was little people often told me I looked like Shirley Temple with my mop of curls. Once a year we went to Colorado to visit my dad's family, and I was always in awe of the huge collection of Shirley Temple VHS tapes that my Great-Grandma Johnson owned. I would usually take a few back to my grandparent's and watched them there. The ones I remember best were from some of my favorite books: Heidi and A Little Princess. When we went to restaurants, I ordered a Shirley Temple and my little brother ordered a Roy Rogers.  I see some resemblance between Shirley Temple and little me. 

Thankful Thursdays: A Snow Day

Today I'm thankful for a snow day. We've already had one of the biggest snow storms I've ever seen this year, so I'm honestly not that excited that there's a few inches on the ground today. But it was really nice to have everyone's events cancelled. I had a fairly relaxing day, and I'm thankful for long conversations with my family, baking, knitting (I finished my last Etsy order for now, so I'm free to work on my own projects for a while!) and catching up on a few of our favorite TV shows. What are you thankful for today? Thankful Thursdays Link Up:

DIY Book Scarf Tutorial

The book scarf idea has been going around for a while. It's the perfect accessory for the fashionable literature nerd. There are lots of lovely ones on Etsy, but I looked at them and decided I could make my own for quite a bit less money. Most of them are screen-printed, but that's kind of spendy and tricky. I've done some of the great fabric paint stencil tutorials for t-shirts, etc, but because I wanted lots of small text, and making a stencil for that sounded incredibly tedious. I settled on using iron-on transfer paper, and made two for birthday gifts for my friends.  It's super easy sewing project: basically cut a rectangle, apply your iron-on transfers, and sew a few straight seams. (If you're really not into sewing, you could use a pre-made scarf, just make sure its fabric will work with your iron-on paper.)