Winter Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, we took advantage of (very) rare snowy day, pulled out our hardly-worn winter clothes and had an epic photoshoot. I finally had time to finish editing the pictures today.

P.S. Thankful Thursdays will be back this week. December has been super crazy busy, so I haven't been very on top of posting.

I finally got some pictures of this sweater I knitted last fall.

How did I get such a handsome little brother?

Feeling very Parisian...

My beautiful mom models the scarf I made her.

So much swag.

My mom and sister looking oh-so-1920's.

This hat is highly impractical for actually wear, but great for photoshoots.

I call this his Backstreet Boys look...

The wonderful beaded vintage cardigan my aunt gave me recently. She runs Lantana Vintage on Etsy


My favorite

The coolest hat ever.