Thankful Thursdays: Warm Things

Today I am thankful for all things warm.

Where I live, it does not snow. Like, maybe once a year we get 2 inches of slushy stuff that's gone the next day. On Friday, we got 7+ inches and it's still on the ground. We've hit the lowest temperatures the town's seen since the 1970's.

Since we have approximately one snowplow here, the roads haven't been great. A lot of places have been shut down, and people have been staying home as much as possible. (All of my classes have been cancelled, and since I work from home, cabin fever is setting in. I'm pretty sure next week's Thankful Thursdays topic will be "thankful to get out of the house.")

Anyway, I HATE being cold. I'm fairly convinced I'm meant to live in a tropical climate. Being cold makes me tense and grumpy. So I am so thankful this week for our pellet stove. For socks. (Even though I hate wearing them.) For knitted scarves, legwarmers, hats, headbands, and gloves. For sweaters. For my wool coat. For blankets. For boots. For walls and insulation.  For tea and coffee and soup.

I'm also thankful for this bunch. Turns out we all have a lot of winter clothes we never wear. We got out in the snow and had a ton of fun doing a 3-hour photo shoot. (More pictures coming soon!)

What are you thankful for today?

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