2013 In Pictures

This appropriately happens to be my 100th post on this blog! Happy New Year everyone!
Oscar-watching party with Shirley Temples

Joined a awesome book club where we read awesome books, like The Princess Bride.

Watched/Cried/Sang/Obsessed/Read (half of) The Book. 

Performed in Tarzan the Musical!

Crazy Jungle Flora and Fauna makeup for Tarzan.
Hung out and choreographed some great Modern dances with these wonderful friends. 
Knitted my first pair of socks and accidentally made one longer than the other. 
My sister turned 16 and we put her party decorations on our heads, because we're weird like that. 
We got a backyard pool!

I finished sewing this dress. 

Lots of fun times with my siblings. 
I turned 21!
Tried out train travel hung out in Portland for a week. 

Drank All The Tea! (this is some black tea my friend brought me from Zambia!)
Started building my knitting business on Etsy. Made a lot of these cuties!

Bitstrips happened. 

A lot. 

Lots of fun cooking! This is Julia Child's clafouti recipe, which my friend and I tried out. 
Pumpkin carving. 
Costume Party. 
My cousin turned 11 and had a Doctor Who-themed party. 
We got tons of snow and had a photoshoot. 

I found an excuse to wear this hat. 
We continued our tradition of making crazy things out of gingerbread. This year, Smaug the dragon. 
Our Hobbit feast. 
Made pretty things for Christmastime. 

Sold, marketed, inventoried, packaged and delivered lots of coffee!
It was a very Doctor Who-ish year. 
Welcomed two new cousins and got to do lots of baby-holding. 

Got to hang out with these awesome girls a lot: We did Enchanted Forest, the Corn Maze, swimming, watched a lot of Doctor Who and Sherlock and ate a lot of good food!