A Thanksgiving Story: The Turkey News

I took a writing class with a group of other homeschoolers when I was in 7th grade. Most of the writing was non-fiction and essays (which I thought were pretty boring at the time, though that class is definitely why I can write decent essays now) so I was really excited when we got to do some fiction. The prompt for this story was to write about Thanksgiving from a turkey's point of view: 

The Turkey News

     “This is Tammy Turkey reporting for the Turkey News Network.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we don’t want to be the main course at dinner.  Many turkeys are putting up a fight.  Some even became violent at a protest this afternoon.  Tom Turkey has the story.  Tom.”

     “Well Tammy, several turkeys have been injured from all the pecking and clawing.  Human authorities are trying to get the crowd under control, but the turkeys refuse to leave until the humans promise them that no turkeys will be eaten this year.”

    “Thank you, Tom.  While some turkeys are protesting, others are trying to promote the use of Tofurkey, tofu flavored and shaped like a turkey.  The Gobble family has been going door to door handing out flyers promoting Tofurkey.  They say, ‘It’s a fun family outing, and the kids love it.’ The Gobbles plan on having a Tofurkey dinner for Thanksgiving.

    Many turkeys are trying a new diet called ‘ The Thanksgiving Diet’ based on the idea that people don’t eat slim turkeys.  Others have started exercising.

     Turkey counselors get a lot of business this time of year.  Many turkeys come to them for emotional support before and after Thanksgiving.  Some come because their loved ones were eaten for Thanksgiving dinner, others come because they were nearly eaten themselves.  Local counselor Tracy Turkey says, ‘It’s hard to give advice to so many traumatized turkeys, sometimes you just want to cry with them, but it’s great for business.’  Tracy’s profits have gone up ten percent since last year.

     Have a good Thanksgiving! Thank you for watching and good night.”

Unfortunately I couldn't find the original picture that I printed and colored in, but this is pretty close.
Bonus points if you caught the movie reference.