50 Reasons I loved Catching Fire

In no particular order:
  1. Katniss’s cowl/vest
  2. When Finnick said “Honey”
  3. The elevator scene
  4. Katniss’s face in the elevator scene 

  5. Much-improved flaming outfits
  6. Peeta’s interview with Cesar
  7. Stanley Tucci’s teeth
  8. Stanley Tucci’s tan
  9. Stanley Tucci’s hair
  10. Stanley Tucci’s laugh
  11. Stanley Tucci
  12. Peeta’s painting of Rue
  13. Rue’s family
  15. Mags’ smile.
  16. Katniss teaching Mags to shoot
  17. The sugar cube scene
  18. Cashmere’s hair
  19. Every word that came out of Effie Trinket’s mouth
  20. “I’m still betting on you Girl on Fire.”
  21. The mockingjay dress
  22. Katniss’s face when she got the news about the reaping
  23. Katniss’s face when they take Cinna
  24. Snow’s granddaughter
  25. The tropical arena
  26. Developing Flavius and Octavia’s characters
  27. Effie’s butterfly dress
  28. The proposal
  29. The man in District 11
  30. All the dialogue
  31. Finnick freaking out about the jabberjays/Annie
  32. Prim taking care of Gale
  33. Haymitch.
  34. Johanna Mason
  35. When Peeta gives Katniss the pearl
  36. Johanna’s eyelashes during her interview with Cesar
  37. “Love is weird.”
  38. The relationship development of Katniss and Peeta that we never got to see in the first movie. I like him so much better in this one.
  39. Katniss sassing President Snow.
  40. Beetee and Wiress being nerds.
  41. The way the relationships in the Everdeen family are expressed perfectly with so little time and dialogue.
  42. When Katniss flips out in the hovercraft. This is was everything that was missing from the end of the first movie.
  43. All the knitted costumes!
  44. Peeta/Katniss favorite colors scene
  45. Mahogany
  46. Katniss and Gale in 13.
  47. “Attitude.”
  48. The window seat on the train
  49. The Avox’s crazy headpiece
  50. Effie and the gold tokens
And a few more, expressed in gifs: