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50 Reasons I loved Catching Fire

In no particular order: Katniss’s cowl/vest When Finnick said “Honey” The elevator scene Katniss’s face in the elevator scene 

Thankful Thursdays: Tradition

Well, it's Thanksgiving, the ultimate Thankful Thursday. Today I'm thankful for traditions . This weekend our family kicks off the holiday season by keeping traditions and breaking them. We'll watch/mock the Macy's parade. We'll take family pictures to send with our Christmas cards. We'll cut stacks and stacks of paper snowflakes. My grandparents will come over and we'll eat traditional foods: apple pie, pumpkin crisp, and sparkling cider, and not-so-traditional homemade tamales. We'll celebrate my new baby cousin, born just last night. We'll start easing into Christmas traditions: party planning, movies, music, decorations, and we'll get our tree! How are you celebrating today? What are you thankful for? Thankful Thursdays Link Up:

Current Inspiration: Catching Fire

I saw the latest installment in the Hunger Games series twice this week and I have been feeling inspired ever since. Sometimes I just really want to spend all my time designing, knitting and sewing crazy costumes. All the designers on these films must have a blast! I've been sketching knitted things inspired by the different costume pieces and characters in this movie all week. For the most part I've knitted simple accessories, but this has me wanting to branch out and try designing some "couture" items.  It's been more than a year since I read the book, so I had forgotten that the first part of the story is set in the Winter. That meant we got lots of fabulous chunky knitted things. The costumes reflected the fact that the main characters have some money to spend now, and you could tell there was style influence coming from the Capitol, while still fitting in with District 12. I'm obsessed with this wonderful cowl/scarf/vest. I was trying so

Thankful Thursdays: My Job

Oops, didn't get around to this till now. It's been kind of a busy week. Today I'm thankful for my job. I am very privileged that my dad has started a coffee roasting business with me (not to mention let me live at home for free while I'm doing it.) I have a super flexible schedule, easy and fun work, and I'm learning a ton. I love being able to work from the couch, figuring out graphic design things, social media, spreadsheets, and packaging! I'm thankful that even when it feels hard, I still have it really good. What are you feeling thankful for today? Thankful Thursdays Link Up:

A Thanksgiving Story: The Turkey News

I took a writing class with a group of other homeschoolers when I was in 7th grade. Most of the writing was non-fiction and essays (which I thought were pretty boring at the time, though that class is definitely why I can write decent essays now) so I was really excited when we got to do some fiction. The prompt for this story was to write about Thanksgiving from a turkey's point of view:  The Turkey News      “This is Tammy Turkey reporting for the Turkey News Network.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we don’t want to be the main course at dinner.  Many turkeys are putting up a fight.  Some even became violent at a protest this afternoon.  Tom Turkey has the story.  Tom.”      “Well Tammy, several turkeys have been injured from all the pecking and clawing.  Human authorities are trying to get the crowd under control, but the turkeys refuse to leave until the humans promise them that no turkeys will be eaten this year.”     “Thank you, Tom.  While some

Thankful Thursdays: Yesterday

Today I am thankful for yesterday . I had a nice day off yesterday. I was finally able to afford a massage. (I found this chain: Massage Envy . You have to subscribe eventually, but they give you your first massage for $39!) And my dad had a work thing out of town, so I rode along with him, and spent the evening with my aunt, uncle and little 2-year-old cousin while my dad worked. It was a fun day of relaxing, good company and good food. (Also, my aunt runs Friendly Fox Vintage on Etsy, and she was very sweet to give me a couple of beautiful items to thank me for helping her out when I came and stayed in the summer. I'll take some pictures of the gorgeous beaded cardigan and accessories soon! In the meantime, check out her shop full of great vintage pieces!) What are you thankful for today? Thankful Thursdays Link Up:

Costume Party

A few pictures from my costume party last weekend:  I had another idea in mind, but didn't find what I needed, so I put it off and pulled this together at the last minute. Fortunately our costume supply is exhaustive! (Side effect of being homeschooled, I think.)

Thankful Thursdays: Books

Today I am thankful for books . I have really gotten back into reading in the past year or two. I'm thankful for the Kindle that my dad loans me, (thanks to all those free books available, I've discovered a ton of great classics) access to a really great library, and my book club, where I've been exposed to a bunch of stuff I never would've read. The Princess Bride is one of my favorites. The book is even better than the movie! P.S. I got on Goodreads a couple weeks ago. You should friend me if you're on there too! What are you thankful for today? Do you have any book recommendations to share? Thankful Thursdays Link Up:

Pumpkin Carving

I don't have a lot of pumpkin carving skill, and I definitely can't freehand anything, so I usually plan out my pumpkin days in advance. This year I was super uninspired. I really wanted to do something "artistic" but knew I wouldn't be able to actually pull off anything complicated. Finally I had a couple ideas, one of which was a lion, but I was thinking more Aslan. When I did an image search, the poster from The Lion King on Broadway popped up, and I settled on that, since it's something I love and also wouldn't be too hard to carve.