Thankful Thursdays: Costumes

Today I am thankful for costumes.

Maybe it's the homeschooler in me, but I have always loved wearing costumes. I get really excited about figuring out how to make myself look like someone else. (Not that I don't like my usual self too.) Once, I was looking back over some old Facebook pictures, and realized I was in some kind of costume---for a dance performance, for a play, for a party, for a movie premiere, just or because---in almost all of them. I've never felt like I had to wait for a holiday once a year. If there's an occasion to dress up, I will take it. I usually pick themes for my parties based on the costume I plan on wearing.

I'm thankful that I've had lots of fun occasions to dress up and be silly in my life, and friends who join in the fun!

I'm also thankful for my mom, who has helped me hunt down and sew most of these!

Here are a couple pictures of costumes over the years:
Giselle from Enchanted

For a 1920's Mocktail Party

As the Abbess in Comedy of Errors


Me, age 6, dressed up as Queen Amidala, on my way to church.
What are you thankful for today?

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