October Knitting Photoshoot

My wonderful sister helped me out with a quick knitting photoshoot yesterday. I've had steady knitting orders the last few months, thanks to my Etsy shop and my local friends and family. Some of these projects have been done for ages (seriously years.) Unfortunately the glaring sun wasn't going so well with my ginger complexion, but we managed to get some good pictures in the shade!

Trying to figure out foxy poses

Oh hey, remember when I bought this skirt and was going to shorten it? I did! Original post here.

Ah! The weather isn't cooperating! Doesn't it know gingers are allergic to the sun?!

Vampire glow here

Seriously one of the cutest things I've ever made. Thanks Etsy customer for requesting these!

Herringbone Cowl I made last December. 

Infinity scarf I made two Christmases ago.

Hat I made for my mom

Leafy hat for my mom

You can see the rest on Facebook and the fox gloves are now available for sale in my Etsy shop