Introducing Thankful Thursdays

Hi readers! 

I'm trying to start being a more consistent blogger. (I've actually had a plan in place for about a month and haven't done it yet, so I'm not off to a great start.) I'm going to try and have a couple of regular features that I commit to doing every week. The first one I came up with is Thankful Thursdays. Every Thursday, I'll write a (probably short) post about something(s) I'm feeling particularly thankful for. It's really good for me to stop and remember all the good things in my life. 

Also, if you are a blogger and want to do the same, I'd like to try out doing a link-up for Thankful Thursdays. I've never participated in one, but I know there are some ways to make it really easy. I'll look into it and try to have that set up next week!

So without further ado, my first Thankful Thursday:

Today I am thankful for tea. I am definitely a summer girl, and I start getting grumpy and hungry when I'm cold. Fall has definitely fallen now, and that means I've upped my tea intake to about 7 cups a day. Tea helps keep me warm and relaxed. So I'm thankful for clean running water, our fancy electric kettle (not to mention the electricity to run it!) with different temperature settings, and access to all kinds of amazing teas! I'm also thankful for my friends and family who've given us some really great teas lately. I have a great stock of loose leaf green tea with rose buds and smoky black tea that were birthday gifts, black tea my friend brought me back from her trip to Zambia, (they were a British colony, so they're very into their tea) and my aunt gave us some flowering golden jasmine tea recently. (Flowering tea is really cool!)

Zambian tea and biscuits

What are you thankful for this week?

P.S. On a fairly unrelated note, I've updated my Etsy store and Facebook page with all my knitting stuff if you want to check it out. (I've even gotten a couple of orders from people I don't know, so that's pretty exciting!) 

P.P.S. I'm also going to try and start doing Throwback Thursdays on Instagram, (where you put up an old picture) because that always looks like fun and I have a bunch of older photos scanned onto my computer for my senior page, etc.