June Craft Projects

Here are some pictures of creative projects I've finished this month:

Candles in vintage teacups-one of my favorite new gift ideas. 

My friend came over and made these with me. I made a couple of candles in teacups, as well as some in random jars we had in the recycling. We had a bunch of supplies that someone gave us around, so I made some that were beeswax and some that were a crystal-y kind of wax, with different scents and colors. I used Martha Stewart's directions

From Cookie A's Pomotomus Pattern
 Finally finished up these socks that I started in April. It was actually the first time I've ever knitted socks, and they came out really well, except that one is longer than the other. I accidentally repeated the pattern too many times on one of them. Oh well! See the Ravelry project page for these socks here

Love the Eiffel Tower print!
I actually started this dress over a year ago. I'll take some better pictures and do a whole post with the story of how it came about. 
Mine are honey almond-scented with apricot seed and oatmeal. Doesn't the oatmeal look cool?
 I had a sleepover/craft day with my friend from A Vibrant Medley this week, and we tried out making soap. It was a similar process to making candles, but we concluded that it was easier for two reasons:
1. No wicks to fiddle with
2. Cleaning up soap is a lot easier than wax. 
The glycerin soap looks great with color added. 
 We tried out some in a mold as well. 

My inner Anglophile is showing...can you spot all the British ones?
After the soap, we were still feeling crafty, so we made some magnets. I've been meaning to make some ever since I redecorated my room last year. 
I love making baby hats. They're so quick!
 I made another adorable pumpkin hat for my aunt, whose baby is due in the fall. (This is one of my free Ravelry patterns, available here.)

Next up I have a bunch of mending and adapting to do. My friend Aubrianne, who got married last summer, is pregnant, and I'm looking forward to starting some baby knits for her!

What craft projects are you working on?