Fall Knitting

The weather is started to get a bit chilly, which means I'm feeling more inspired to knit. I finished this scarf for my mom in teal bamboo silk yarn. I made it much longer than the pictures you can see on Ravelry. I'll take some pictures soon. It hasn't quite been cold enough for scarves yet!

After figuring out how dolls work while I was in Haiti, I've started on geeky fangirl project. I don't have all the yarn I need for it yet, and I'm broke, so it's kind of on hold. But I promise it will be awesome!

I saw this lovely sweater in the window at American Eagle the other day, and I'm trying to duplicate it fairly closely out of the leftover light blue wool from the toddler weiner dog sweater I made. I've already messed it up and had to start over twice, so we'll see how it goes. It's just feathers and fans mixed with drop stitches, but this is the first time I've done either of those plus I started it a few sizes to big the first time.

Also, I'm taking orders for knitting again!