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The Lion King

I had so much to say about The Lion King I made it a separate post. You can see my entire NYC post here . The Minskoff Theatre itself was rather lovely. We had great seats; the front row of the balcony right in the center. We didn’t have to deal with anyone’s heads and we could see everything because we were up a little high, but not too far back.  Drums! The show was so good that I cried for the first few songs. Rafiki (who is a woman in the stage show) started and some other singers came up in our part of the audience and then all the amazing puppet animals came in. The gazelles and birds were probably my favorite in that scene. There was an amazing fabric sun and then Pride Rock rotated out of the stage. All of the production design is just stunning. There was a great scene where all the dancers had these huge grass platforms on their heads and were basically portraying the grass.  Madame Tussaud's wax figure of Rafiki in the lobby.  Everyone was s

The City That Never Sleeps

By the time I got through immigration, got my bag, and went through customs, Mom and Peace were waiting for me in the terminal. They were a lot more tired than I was, having started their day around 4am, and flown cross country. At least the time difference works in their favor. All the changes of pressure had given me an earache though, and we still had a long way to go to get to our hotel. We stopped for bathroom break and a water bottle and then hauled our bags up and down several escalators and elevators, including one broken escalator, to get to the air train that goes in between the terminals in the Newark airport. From the air train we had to get on the real train to get to Penn Station. (I had hoped we would be able to see Grand Central, but it didn’t work out that way.) From Penn Station it was a 12 block walk to Times Square. We made it about as far as 34 th St, (where we saw Macy’s) and then opted for catching a cab. That was definitely the craziest cab driver we ha