Week 1 in Haiti (Just the Highlights Version)

Click here for the detailed version of Week 1 in Haiti.

In case you don’t want to read the novel that I just put up, here’s the highlights version of my first week’s blog:

Traveling was smooth, though I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted to on the flights. The airport was crazy and so are the roads in Port Au Prince but I made it safely.
My traveling companions, the Geico Gecko and "Spot" The Pineapple

Shelley’s family is great; the kids crack me up and Corrigan is a great cook. I always spend the evenings with them. I’m having tons of interesting conversations with them and learning a lot about the culture, religion, poverty, government of Haiti.

Keziah at the pool

Jackson has a lot of swag
Yummy nachos
Ember showing off her rock star style

We went to the beach and stayed in a resort for one night for Shelley and my birthdays. It was beautiful and relaxing.

I’m totally spoiled to have a room and bathroom to myself, cold showers that feel good in the heat, Wi-Fi and electricity that usually work, cold drinking water, a high-tech washer and dryer, ice cream, and a toilet that flushes toilet paper! There's a bunch of bunk beds in my room, one is covered with yarn!

The view from the balcony at the house

My knitting classes are going really well. I have 8 students split into two groups that come every other day. I have a great translator and everyone has caught on really quickly. Shelley and I brainstormed and I’ve been making samples of the projects I’ll teach them: basic scarves and hats, market bags, (probably going to use recycled t-shirt yarn) baby shoes, shawls, and little brown dolls to market to adoptive parents coming to Haiti.

Haitian food is pretty good; mostly beans and rice and chicken. My favorite was little fried dough thing with chicken in the middle called pate. (Not sure how you spell it, but pronounced pah-tay.) I love the tropical climate and especially the fruit. I’m learning a little bit of Creole. It’s like French but easier I think. (Not that I speak French.)

The people always seem so happy. There’s a pack of street boys that are just adorable. They’re not old enough to work, but they run errands sometimes for food or a little money.

Shelley found her outside practicing after class. 
I seem to have a little bit of a cold for the past few days, so pray for me to get better quickly. Also continue to pray for my students to understand and pick up the projects quickly, for ways to get the right knitting supplies and yarn here, for Shelley and Corrigan and their kids to be strong and wise in their ministry (and for Jackson and Ember’s visas to come through so they can go to the States and finish the adoption process by getting social security numbers, etc) and for lives to be changed!