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I want to let you all know about my next adventure. I’m going to Haiti this summer! I’m going to be working with The Apparent Project in Port-Au-Prince and teaching knitting there for about three weeks.

First of all I want to thank you for your prayers and support of my YWAM school last year. It was an amazing experience! I grew so much and got to share my gifts with the people of Japan and South Korea. I’ve shared about it to most of you and if you haven’t gotten the chance to hear about it, check out my blog or send me an email. I’d love to tell you more!

One of the things I really came away from YWAM with is “the travel bug.” My 6 months at home have been great, but I’ve already been itching to go somewhere. After a lot of thought and prayer, I know the next place for me is Haiti. You might remember the benefit event I held 2 years ago, raising about $800 for The Apparent Project. It’s a ministry in Port-Au-Prince run by some friends of my family, Shelley and Corrigan Clay. They went to Haiti a few years ago to adopt a little boy and after seeing the situation, moved there and started the ministry. The idea is to give parents in Haiti the skills and resources to provide stable homes for their children, so they don’t end up in orphanages. These parents work as artisans, making various crafts; mostly paper bead jewelry, most of which is shipped to the US and sold at home parties. Money from the sales of the jewelry goes directly to the artisan who made it.

 Since the earthquake, the Apparent Project has gotten a lot of attention; they’ve even had visits from celebrities including former President Clinton and Donna Karan, who featured some of the jewelry in a fashion line. (It was even seen on Oprah!) I think it’s so cool that none of this was planned when Shelley’s family went to Haiti; God just used them to build this amazing thing! And I love seeing people that are so clearly living out the verse from the Bible to “look after orphans and widows.” (James 1:27)

 I think it’s an amazing program and I’m so excited to go and teach knitting to the artisans. Shelley casually mentioned in a Facebook comment how she would love to have me teach knitting and it got me thinking. Three weeks isn’t very much time, but I’m hoping to develop a curriculum that teaches all the basic skills of knitting. I’ll teach them as much as I can in the short time and hopefully leave them with the tools to continue learning and creating their own patterns. I’ve seen a lot of the work the Haitian people do and I have no doubt that they will work hard and come up with creative and beautiful ideas! I will be communicating with Shelley about getting knitting supplies for the artisans.  I’m thinking about getting in touch with some knitting needle and yarn companies and seeing if they’re willing to donate!

I haven’t booked my tickets yet but I will probably be in Haiti around August 7-28th. If I have time, I hope to teach some dance workshops and help Shelley and Corrigan out with their 4 kids, 2 of whom are adopted from Haiti! And of course, see some of the beautiful culture and people of Haiti. I also get to meet up with my mom and sister on the way home and visit family in New Jersey and see New York City for a few days!

I’m hoping to raise about $2000 for the Haiti portion of the trip: $800-$1000 for airfare and the rest to cover other various travel expenses (checking bags, possibly vaccines and travel insurance, meals while traveling, etc.) I’m hoping to have the money for my ticket by the end of April so I can get my travel plans arranged. Shelley’s family will graciously allow me to stay with them so no room and board charge for me! Any money I raise and don’t spend on the trip I will donate to The Apparent Project. $2000 seems like such a small amount considering the $10,000 God provided for me to go to YWAM last year!
 Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Please consider partnering with me on this exciting adventure. If you can find the time to pray for the people of Haiti, Shelley’s family and ministry and specifically my trip and the new knitting project, it would be so appreciated! If you would like to support my trip to Haiti financially, contact me. It can be done through cash, check or PayPal and can be run through my grandparent’s ministry if you need a tax receipt.

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If you are interesting in learning more about The Apparent Project and what they’re doing in Haiti check out their website and blog:


  1. Oh my goodness what great news!! I am so excited for you already and I can't wait to read/hear about all your new adventures! Good luck and congratulations!

  2. Thanks! Speaking of exciting travel plans, when do you guys go to Quebec?

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