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Oh, How He Loves Us

Ever since I first heard the worship song, "How He Loves Us" at church a year or two ago, I've loved it. The lyrics are so meaningful and beautifully descriptive and passionate. It quickly became a favorite worship song of mine and I've always felt inspired to choreograph to it, though I never actually have. (I have a friend who chose to do it for her senior dance, but I didn't get to see it because I was in Hawaii) What I didn't know at first was that the song wasn't really written as a worship song. The original artist, John Mark McMillan, wrote it after his good friend Stephen was killed. Stephen was a youth pastor. One morning he prayed  “I’d give my life for this if that’s what it takes to see a movement among these youth. Do whatever you need to do God.” That same night, Stephen was killed in a car wreck. Part of John's intention in writing the song was that it would inspire that movement that Stephen prayed for.  So next time you listen t