Get Bella's Wedding Makeup for Less!

Ever since I saw this article and the movie, I've been playing around with Bella's beautiful wedding makeup. 

The article details the exact makeup used to achieve Bella's wedding look in Breaking Dawn, Pt 1. And while caviar-enhanced foundation and coverup may have given her that perfect movie glow, that's a little out of most people's price ranges. Here's how I do Bella's look with mark. makeup.  Many Twi-hards may be familiar with mark. already since Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the film series, is our brand ambassador. All these products are available online at

You'll need:
Min-A-Real Foundation in Ivory (or the closest to your skin tone.)
Glowdacious Powder in Prettied Up (I don't have any mark. powder yet, but I suggest this) 
From the Super Flip Color Kit in Outlet (on Last Chance Sale):
Eyes: Glitterati, Cushy, (or i-mark in Whisper) and Edge (or i-mark in Corset)
Brows: Sepia (or i-mark in Espresso)
Brow Factor Hookup Brow Gel

The key to Bella's look is keeping the foundation really sheer, bright and shimmery. Mineral foundation is perfect for this. I applied a thin, even coat of the Min-A-Real with a sponge to my entire face and then used my concealer brush to put extra under my eyes to cover up dark circles. I also used it as eyelid primer. 

Next I put a light dusting of powder (using the powder brush) on my t-zone and eyelids. I continued with the powder brush, using it to highlight my cheekbones with the three lightest shades of the Touch and Glow Pallette, and then using all the shades on my entire face. 

For blush I used a light purple-tone pink and put it on very lightly, focusing on the apples of my cheeks as well as shadowing slightly under my cheekbones. 

To darken and set my brows I used the eyeliner brush and Sepia shadow and then a coat of Brow Factor gel, then brushed them into place with an eyebrow/eyelash comb. 

For my eyes I used the my eyeshadow brush to put on a nice coat of Glitterati. I highlighted under my brow with Cushy and swept Edge over the entire lid. 

I smudged a thin line of No Place to Run into my lash line, top and bottom, keeping it pretty subtle on the bottom. 

I finished it with a good coat Scanda-Lash mascara and a light gloss of Pop from the Super-Flip Kit.