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Yep, my deepest blogs are inspired by Facebook....

So I’m checking out Facebook’s new timeline tonight, looking back on the past 3.5 years of my life or so and it’s making me sad. I feel sort of lost right now, bored, boring, out of touch with people, directionless. A lot of memories and things I miss are coming to mind: As much as I’m glad to not be in high school, I miss it. I had so many good times. I miss planning dances and dressing up, making the playlists, planning, decorating and cooking for parties, and Shakespeare class, Improv and laughing till I couldn’t breathe, not being in AHHA, jumping up and down with Heather backstage at Churchill, learning to drive, dancing, doing “senior” stuff,  the Corn Maize, movies, plays, directing class and inside jokes and quotes, photoshoots, working hard at Karate, not working hard at Karate, walking to Coldstone, Twilight debates, pointless statuses on Facebook, being super hyper, spontaneous social gatherings, coming up with ridiculous graduation pranks late at night under the inf

Get Bella's Wedding Makeup for Less!

Ever since I saw this article  and the movie, I've been playing around with Bella's beautiful wedding makeup.  The article details the exact makeup used to achieve Bella's wedding look in Breaking Dawn, Pt 1. And while caviar-enhanced foundation and coverup may have given her that perfect movie glow, that's a little out of most people's price ranges. Here's how I do Bella's look with mark. makeup.  Many Twi-hards may be familiar with mark. already since Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the film series, is our brand ambassador. All these products are available online at .  You'll need: Min-A-Real Foundation in Ivory (or the closest to your skin tone.) Glowdacious Powder in Prettied Up  (I don't have any mark. powder yet, but I suggest this)  Pink Blush from the Showcase Color & Clutch To Go or  Good Glowing  Powder Blush in Star Glow Touch & Glow Shimmer Cubes From the Super Fli