New Name Announced!

Well, its official, A Cameo Appearance has a new name….drum roll please…..Ginger Nifty! I didn’t get any contest entries, but since the idea came from my mom (see the story below) I’ll make her a free item. Don’t worry though; I’ll have a new contest soon and another chance to win something!

Now a little more explanation about the name. First of all, it suits me and the business, considering I’m a ginger and knitting, thrifting and vintage are all pretty nifty! My mom had a dream a few months ago in which we owned a thrift store in Australia named Ginger Nifty. Over going through a ton of possible names, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. My little sister used it for her blog for a little while, but decided not to keep it and let me use it. (I should probably knit her something too!) Also, thanks to my awesome brother for help with the graphic design work!

I've switched over my urls on everything (Twitter, Ravelry, Pinterest, Facebook pages, and Etsy) so you might have to search for Ginger Nifty or ginger-nifty to make sure you have my current pages. There are links on the side of my blog too!