And the Adventure Begins...

Finally finished cleaning and organizing my room and stripping it of most of the decorations and now I'm ready to begin the redecorating. Here are the "Before" pictures. 
 Here's the plans so far: Make or get a duvet cover, a ton of pillows and make pillow cases, turn the bed and nightstand and put it on the far wall. Get rid of the bookshelf, or possibly make it sort of a dresser inside the closet. New or painted lampshde. Paint the nightstand.
 Paint the walls true white, and one or two in a color, probably coral. Love my mirrored closet doors, no changes to make there! Get a chaise to put under the window.
A big area rug and an ottoman/coffee table, hopefully out of a vintage suitcase. New papers or paint on the jewelry display board. A cheese grater-earring holder.

Those are just a few of my ideas. Since I don't have a huge budget for it right now, I'll be thrifting and making as much of it as I can, a little at a time.


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