Well, I'm home.

I'm still not quite settled in, but I'm getting there. Coming Home has made me want to redo a lot of things in my life, like reorganizing, purging, deep-cleaning, and decorating my room, and doing the same for my blog.

For a while this blog was just for my cooking and crafts, and then it became a journal and log of my adventures with YWAM. Now I think I want it to be part style blog, part cooking blog, part journaling about my faith and my thoughts blog, mostly just life blog.

So here's just a few highlights of my life since I've been back.

Just getting settled in. I thought it would be really weird, but it feels like I never left. I had geared myself up for weirdness, so it's almost weirder that it's so normal.

Spiritually I can't say I have anything particularly profound to report. I haven't been as diligent as I hoped to be when I got home. I've made it to church and college group a few times, had some good worship. I see some changes in myself. I'm way more flexible and I can go with the flow. I am more aware of serving others. It's hard to feel as inspired as I did while I was gone. It's hard not to be surrounded by 45 people who are talking about God all the time. It's not all hard though. I think my family changed along with me in some ways. They're more focused on God and what our lives really should be I think. Not that they weren't before, but they seem more inspired, which is good. We're all agreeing on things like watching less TV, eating better, exercising more, etc.

Sometimes I miss my DTS friends so much. I was so overwhelmed by how much Forever 21 made me think of Asia the other day, (turns out it's owned by Koreans, which makes perfect sense) I couldn't even stay in the store. The styles, the way things are priced and laid out and sized, they even had Asian crunchy towels, as we called those exfoliating towels that they sell for $1 everywhere in Korea. It's depressing enough to shop by yourself (I had just been at an interview at stopped at F21 while I was in the mall) but when you're used to shopping with huge groups of girls, it's just plain sad.

But enough sounding emo....because, really I'm not. I'm enjoying being home, the friends here, my family, my house, my car, the food, the list goes on. I'm not anxious to leave anytime soon!

So I'm getting my knitting and vintage business up and running again and this will be a place for updates about that. I have a great scarf pattern I made in Hawaii to get up, a couple cute hats, and some mittens and gloves. I'm also having a contest to win a free custom knitted item! Like my Facebook page to see the details!
My other pages for my business are:!/ACameoAppearanc 

I'm looking for a job and I've had two interviews so far at David's Bridal, which would be a really fun fashion-related job!

I haven't been doing quite as much cooking as I'd like, and fall baking has been banned since we're all trying to lose a little weight. But we're going to be trying out a lot of new healthy, cheap recipes this fall and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

Making friends-everyone wants to talk to you when you just came back from a 6-month adventure all over the world. It's definitely made it easy to connect with people and I've been spending a lot of time with friends!

Dancing! And getting back in shape. I'm so excited to be back in classes!

Like, I said, re-doing my room. The organizing and cleaning part is about halfway done, but I can't wait to get started on the decorating! It's going to be a kind of retro, sleek, Modcloth-y "Hipster lounge" (According to my brother.) I'm really hoping to find a great vintage chaise lounge and some funky knick-knacks. I'll be blogging all my DIY and budget-friendly ideas as I go.

While working on my room, I came across the most wonderful box I had forgotten was under my bed. It's a suitcase full of the Barbies my great-aunts grew up with. Sometime in the next months, I'm going to be doing my best to repair them and their clothes and make them display-worthy for my room.

I know I always say I'm updating the look of my blog and don't, so I won't make any promises, but hopefully I really will soon!