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A Little Bit About Korea

Just a quick update from Korea. I’d really like to write in detail, but I’ll just touch on some highlights for now. It’s down to our last few days; we finished our last performance yesterday and we go back to Hawaii in 2 days! Korea has been awesome! I’m not sure exactly why, but I like it better than Japan. It’s just MORE than Japan, the people are more friendly, everything is more decorated, the food is more delicious, and the churches are more huge! I’ll just touch on what I’ve loved in Korea: the people, the shows, the food, the shopping, and the friendships. The people are incredibly hospitable. Almost every church we’ve stayed at had gotten huge banners for us. There was a church with a huge hotel-style mission center we got to stay in, one that had been preparing for us for 40 days, and one that spent $4000 on promotion and lighting effects and confetti cannons. The two most meaningful performances would have to be Gampo and the cancer ward. Gampo was a small fishing

Review: One Tree Hill....Sorry not an update

So my current roommates were watching One Tree Hill tonight. And I just couldn’t resist the urge to blog about it. I'll get a real update up here soon.  One Tree Hill strikes me as your typical WB-turned-CW-or-whatever-combination-of-W’s-and-other-letters show. It includes a cast of roughly 10 characters, several teenagers (though you wouldn’t know it to look at them, all the actors must be about 25) and their parents. Most of them are named gender-neutral, preppy names like Spencer and Payton. All the girls have matching eyebrows, and shiny hair cut in layers a few inches below their shoulders. Their makeup is kept to a nice palette of beiges with slightly red tones, much like the rest of the show. Their lips are a rosy color just light enough to not be considered red, topped with just enough gloss that the audience has no doubt that they keep their lips moisturized. Bear in mind, the episode I watched was from the first season, so the fashion was more than a little outd