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Outreach Week 2

I’m taking advantage of the 19-hour ferry cruise between Osaka, Japan and Busan, South Korea and catching up on blogging. Last Saturday was the day we left the hostel in Chiba and headed to Nagoya and Gamagori. Traveling in Japan is awesome. They have these great rest stops where the bathrooms are so big you need a map. They also have food courts and supermarkets. Lately I spend a lot of the time on the bus sleeping. Sometimes we watch some movies or video clips from our performances, or we just hang out and talk. We spent a week in a church in Gamagori . It was probably my favorite place we stayed. It had A/C and Wi-Fi, a hot shower, an awesome massage chair, super cozy 5-person rooms with lofts and tons of matts and blankets to sleep on, and a beautiful view of the bay and a Ferris wheel. It was really pretty at night. Down the hill, there was a mall and a water park called LagunAsia. The guy who hosted us in Gamagori was a little crazy, he had so many performances planned f

Outreach Week 1

Ah, it’s been a crazy first week on outreach. It feels like we’ve been gone forever already. Japan is awesome and the time is flying by. We’re already about halfway through our time in Japan and then we head to Korea!   Let’s see, I’ll start with Tuesday, the day before we left Kona. On Tuesday night I had lots of nervous energy and I didn’t sleep well. We had spent the day cleaning and packing, and then seeing two of our roommates off. We stayed up watching a movie, and then woke up again when another girl left at 3:45am. I only slept for another hour after that. We left the campus at noon on Wednesday. I spent the morning getting all the last minute stuff done. My stuff was already almost packed and since 5 of my roommates had already left, the room was almost clean. I did laundry, had a room inspection, skyped my mom, and had my last campus meal! We flew from Kona to Honolulu and then straight to Tokyo! Fortunately the Kona airport is pretty laid back, so it didn’t take