A Token Note to Graduates :)

I got a text from my Dad tonight, he was at graduation where several of my friends were celebrating completing high school. It's weird to me that it's been a year since I was in their shoes. So I felt like I should write them a little note of encouragement. I'm excited about some stuff I'm hearing about here, and I want to share it with you guys!

I'm sure you guys heard a lot of "This is the beginning of the rest of your life." and "You'll do great things." People have to say that stuff to you when you graduate. People are probably asking you want you want to do with your life, what are your plans, are you going to college, are you getting a job?  But I just want to share some thoughts I was having tonight, a year later about "the rest of our lives." 

Don't be afraid of doing HUGE things! If being here at YWAM has taught me anything, it's that with God, seriously, BIG things are possible! YWAM really trusts young people to do crazy things. (Obviously, they are called Youth with a Mission) They don't care if you have experience. I mean, there are older leaders and they guide the young people, but they don't say you have to have a college degree or 3 years of work experience before you can do anything. Along these same lines, if you haven't read "Do Hard Things" it's a pretty awesome book on this subject. (with a foreword by Chuck Norris, so how could it possibly not be awesome?)

I feel like that's one of the greatest things about this particular YWAM base that I'm at. It's the biggest one and the one where so much is happening. There's a huge movement of change, especially in the art, and there's so much cutting edge stuff going on here. Movies, music, media, technology, it's all going on here. We've got projects like a new format of the Bible http://sourceviewbible.com/, some sort of new hydrogen power source that's going to power the whole campus, http://grassrootsnews.tv/, a totally encouraging way of doing the news. I feel like I'm making great contacts here, like if I want to be involved in making a movie, I'll just call up one of the people I've met here, and they know so many people in film. 

Tonight we had a big gathering of everyone on campus and this guy came and spoke to us about a series of books he's been writing. He was a youth pastor and God put it on his heart to write the story of David and his fighting men. So he began writing this novel, and the first one has just been released. It's going to be a series of five, but it's now been picked up to be movies, a motion comic, an interactive e-Book, and a documentary that shows all the real historical sites in Israel. We got to see a sort of "mock-up" trailer of the movie, and it's a big deal. Like a Gladiator-300-Clash of the Titans-style movie series in 3D. Not some hokey little Christian movie. Not that Christian movies are bad, but let's face it, they're not usually the same caliber as other movies. And production is starting right here on this campus. It's being produced by a guy who produced the Spider-Man movies, and written by the screenwriter of Young Guns and Hidalgo. You can see all the info at http://www.lionofwar.com/new/

That got kind of off topic. Anyway, all that to say, I want to do big things with my life, and being here has helped me realize that. And realized how to actually DO it, not just talk about it.  So don't get stuck in going to college or having a career or staying in one town unless that's what God really wants you to do, and what you really want to do. Life will always have times that seem boring, but don't get stuck in a rut: travel as many places as you can, learn as much as you want, have great relationships with family and friends, go on adventures, and try to change the world in some way, even if it doesn't seem big. Don't be afraid of not having enough money, work hard but know that God will provide. Don't feel like there's only one thing you have to do with your life. I like to dance, but I also like to cook, and act, and dance, and laugh and a million other things, and there's lots of time in life to do lots of different things. 

So yeah, there's my inspirational words of wisdom. Hope you like 'em! Also, you guys all probably got a copy of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Suess, but if you didn't, it's a fun little book to read when you graduate, and there's some pretty good wisdom in there.