Hilo Weekend

So this weekend was a mini-outreach to Hilo, on the other side of the island. Friday afternoon was pretty crazy. We ran kind of late because Maria surprised us and announced our new small groups early. For outreach they mix up the guys and girls and have a lot more student leaders. So we had a quick meeting with them just to get familiar with who’s in our group. Then we had a quick lunch. In the afternoon we had to pick up our costumes, pack, load our stuff and all the food into the vans, and iron our hula dresses. I was pretty stressed out. Unfortunately when I started to iron my white hula dress, the iron left a bunch of gray specks right on the front of it. I spent about an hour trying to get it off, finally resorting to scrubbing with a toothbrush for twenty minutes. Somehow I actually ended up with extra time and was able to take a quick walk and call my family before we left.

The girl's luggage
The 50 or so of us were pretty crowded in the bus and we had to put a lot of the luggage in the aisle. We stopped at Costco for pizza and then it was about 2.5 hours to Hilo. Most of it was in the dark, so we didn’t get to see much scenery. We watched High School Musical 3 for the second half of the ride. It was the only movie I had on my computer.

We had “Korean Fun Night” and played a couple of games. We had a Korean snack called Tteokbokki. I pretty much love Korean food so far. It was sausage, these super chewy rice things, spicy sauce and “fish cake.” We went to bed pretty late.  We stayed at a Korean church.  All the girls were in one big room, sleeping on the hard floor. (Or in a few girl’s case, on a table.) I’m definitely considering investing in one of those little roll-up air mats for outreach.
Korean food!

On Saturday we had worship time and then the staff washed our feet and we did a really special communion. Instead of taking it for ourselves, we had to get it and give it to someone else as a symbol of sacrificing for them. It was so cool. It was a really emotional bonding time. We got to have a little time with our new small groups getting to know each other better.

Lunch was seafood spaghetti. Charlie and Kyo Soon our like our Korean grandparents and they do all the cooking on outreach. They’re the sweetest. I’m so looking forward to being on outreach and not having to eat campus food anymore.

We got a little rest time and then we had “European Fun Night.” (Even though it was really the afternoon. We played a bunch of fun games. The best one was when they had a few of the staff sit and some of the students did their arms (like “Helping Hands” on Whose Line Is It Anyway.) they had written out a whole scene where they had to do things like paint their nails, peel and eat bananas, and get text messages. It was such a riot.
Playing games

For dinner there was Korean chicken with kimchi, rice and salad. We started dress rehearsal around 9 and went till close midnight. We ran through it all once and everyone thought we were done, so we were all in our PJs, ready to go to bed and then found out we were doing another quick run-through.

We had to be up and packed by 7:15 and then it was breakfast duty and cleaning our rooms and the kitchen. It didn’t take very long with all of us working together.  We had some time to do our hair and makeup and then we sat backstage during the Korean church service. The show went really, really well. The people were so nice and they made us bibimbap for lunch. It’s rice, meat and veggies with sauce and a fried egg on top. It was so good. I finished my whole bowl and had part of someone else’s. There was also regular kimchi and some made with daikon and raw cuttlefish (which I tried before I knew it was raw.) The lady who made it owns a Korean restaurant and she’s going to close it down  for a night and make us Korean BBQ ribs for our “Love Feast” (the YWAM word for a fancy celebratory dinner) before we leave on outreach.

Then we rode over (a few at a time, because we didn’t have the big bus anymore) to the other church. We got to see a bit of Hilo. Something about it reminded me of Bend, except more tropical. It’s bigger than Kona. I wish we would’ve had time to hang out there a bit.

We got a little rest time (the church even had couches!) before our next run-through. The church made us dinner. It was more Island food; a lot of the people are Hawaiian. There was chicken soup with rice, sausage and shrimp, beef with taro leaves, salad, shredded pork, chicken and spice cake. I ate so much food on Saturday.

The show went really smoothly and we got to hang out with people a little afterwards. We got on the road by nine, which meant we got to campus around 11:30. I was able to sleep for about an hour of the ride and I was in bed by midnight, but I’m still pretty exhausted.

Today was a bit more of a relaxed day. I actually had time to quickly unpack this morning, but I did forget to eat breakfast. It’s another corporate week, so we’re combined with all the DTS’s again. We had some great worship and then a talk on planting the church, and how to keep it really simple. You can do church anywhere, just having fellowship, worship and Bible reading. It was a pretty familiar concept to me. For the last hour or so, we got to “practice” by going in our small groups and doing just that: bible study, talking and worshipping. It was great. Maria surprised us by giving us the whole afternoon off.

I decided to make a "small sacrifice" today and fast at lunch and just take time to pray. I’m still really bad about making time for quiet time so I just forced myself today and it was so good. I spent the rest of the day getting caught back up on stuff I’m behind on from the weekend, like laundry, going to the library, and talking to my family.

Please keep my school if your prayers. There’s a lot of sickness going around: stomach flu, pink eye, and strep throat. There are also a lot of people who still need money for their outreach fees. Please take the time to consider supporting my dear friend Sarah! She's still has about $4800 to raise and the deadline has technically already passed! She's been working very hard to save money and to fundraise. I haven't seen her spend a penny on doing any extra fun things like eating out or going to the movies and I admire her for that! You can see my original post about her here
Sarah ready to get her hula on!

Things are only going to get crazier around here, but I’m getting really excited for outreach and how close we’re going to get as a team. And for all the people God is going to reach through us!


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