DTS Week 8: Original Design Lectures

Oh boy, there is so much to write about this week. It was pretty awesome. Our lectures were on Original Design with Bryan Brennt, along with his son and a married couple. Original Designs basically just what it says: finding out the way God originally designed you. So a lot of it was getting rid of strongholds in your life, like fear and passivity, so that you can actually live the way you were created to.  Fortunately for me, I had a pretty good upbringing and I didn’t have a lot of stuff to deal with. At first I was a little nervous about this week, the speaker is pretty hyper and there was a lot of prophecy involved, which I’m not used to, but as the week went on it got really good.

On Tuesday we started the day off by just going around the room and praying for each other in groups of two or three. It was a really good time. The topics we worked on during lecture that day were fear and passivity. I don’t think of myself as passive but I checked a lot of the signs of passivity. It’s really good to identify that kind of stuff and get it out of my life. Then people had to get up and encourage each other, and Sarah encouraged me and she cried. It was so sweet.

They called a few people (including me) up the front at the end and the Bryan and his son prayed and got sort of prophecies for people. I’m pretty skeptical about that kind of stuff, but when I was actually up there it didn’t seem weird and some of it was very right on with what I already know about myself. One of the other girls wrote down what they said to me:

They asked if I like to sing and I said, yes, but I don’t consider myself a singer, and then he said the first thing, “Singing to the Lord, and it has a beautiful fragrance. He loves your singing. It doesn't matter what it is, He loves it. Write worship songs like psalms, poetry. You are a worshipper. And, “Your writing gifts will be released.”
And he asked if I like planning parties, which those of you who know me well can attest to:
 “You will approach the girls from other DTS's and will be the bridge of friendship between the DTS's. You have a unique gift of bringing people together. You draw everyone together to party and have fun. -You initiate celebrations and crazy memories. You are a dance party guru”

So that was all stuff I kind of knew, but it was pretty cool. After that one of the guys in our school who had a really tough upbringing broke through a lot of hatred and unforgiveness for his father. It was really heartbreaking and touching.  

The next day had a great energetic crazy worship time to get out of our comfort zones. One of the girls gave me a word about how God loves my figure and I should hold my shoulders back and have good posture.  She also said that as the sort of unifier/initiator (referring to the gift of bringing people together)  I’ve sometimes been underappreciated. That brought to mind some situations where I had felt that way, though I don’t think the people meant to hurt me, and I realized I needed to forgive them, so I did. Ironically the topic of lecture that day was unforgiveness. We had some more prayer time another day and Bryan prayed over me some more. The things he mentioned were:

Red hair-rare, rare treasure
Fragrant worship, song, filling a building
God likes me
I have argumentativeness

Then he asked me if I speak in tongues. I explained that I don’t and I’m kind of wary of it and he was really good about it. He explained his personal feelings, that it’s a way for your spirit to communicate with God without your brain getting in the way. That is the best explanation of I’ve heard, but I still can’t say that I really want to speak in tongues.

Another cool part of lecture was that we all had times to pray with this couple and they got words from God about our original design. They’re a really cool couple and it was so casual. I thought it was cool that they even mentioned songs and a movie (or that I could just look up the plot on Wikipedia) which are all things I love.
 1. I’m like a battleship-strong, solid, armed, leader, blows bad stuff out of the water, destroyer, Acts 10:38
2. Revivalist-New Breed, uniquely made, radical, knows where God’s going,
3. Israel and the New Breed band, “I’m a Friend of God” God likes me
4. I’m like a soldier, getting a medal, being promoted, good soldier of Jesus Christ, set apart from the world, 2 Tim 2:3-4 (movie: We Were Soldiers Mel Gibson)
5. God has a crazy huge uncontainable jealous love over me.

The last day of lecture was mostly prophecy. They were getting a lot of stuff about a big arts movement in Kona. There was some stuff that was kind of the same as stuff I’d already received this week and been thinking about. While they were doing that I wrote out a list of all the arts-related things I want to do (which is almost everything I want to do in life) it includes so many different parts of film, theatre, dance and media. I really think God has some big plans for me in the arts and that I will be someone who’s a leader.

I know all this prophecy stuff sounds pretty crazy when I write it out, but I think you had to be there, and I’m definitely going to pray more about all of it and what God really has for me. Just because someone prophesied something about being a solider doesn’t mean that I should jump up and join the military or something.

It was a pretty busy and emotional week, so there’s not a lot else to tell, but we did have some rehearsals. One day we had a full run-through of the pared-down version of our show for our trip to Hilo.

There wasn't too much time for fun, but I went swimming the pool a few times. I watched So You Think You Can Dance with Terri-Lynn. One night our building managers threw an ice cream social for us. There were root beer floats and we played Apples to Apples.

I hope this post wasn’t too confusing and full of run-on sentences. I’m doing our Hilo trip as a separate post since there’s so much to write about.