DTS Week 7

I meant to get this done on Sunday, now I feel like I have a bunch of new topics from this week that I could add, but I’ll stick to week 7 and save the current stuff for my next post.

Last week was a nice rest for my brain and my body. I didn’t have a lot of dance rehearsals and we read the Bible instead of having lectures. I’m really enjoying that. We get in groups of three or four and take turns each reading a chapter. By the end of DTS we’re supposed to have read through the whole Bible. We started with the New Testament and so far my group is up to Romans 10. It’s cool to read in context like that. As much as I thought I knew the Bible pretty well there was stuff I didn’t realize. Like I don’t think I’ve ever read Acts start to finish before and I didn’t realize that it picks up like right after the gospels end. We also had one morning where we went through all the dorm rooms and prayed over them.

I’m usually not big on going to Thursday night gathering, and I was kind of dreading it this week, but it was actually awesome. It was taught by this lady who had just done the teaching for “Holy Spirit week” in one of the other schools and it was really good. She was interesting and mostly told testimonies of miraculous stuff that’s happening to teams from schools that are on their outreaches right now. She was very clear that the Holy Spirit isn’t just about speaking in tongues or hype, but about faith and I felt much more open to it. There was a time of prayer and worship and I got prayed over and prayed for some of my friends. There were some people getting “slain in the Spirit” which honestly I still think is super weird, but it was a good night. One of the girls had a major breakthrough with God that night and is just like glowing ever since.

Our Friday morning worship was really good. Towards the end of the time, Maria had us lay on the floor as a symbol of dying to ourselves and then the staff came and prayed over us and gave us what they thought God was speaking to us. Maria prayed about me having such a strong foundation and how God will build a strong building on it.

So that was all really good, but as far as spiritual growth goes, week 7 was also kind of relaxed. I didn’t have a lot of major epiphanies or anything. The only thing that really stands out is the issue of making sacrifices for God. I say that I’m willing to, and I think saying big dramatic things like “I’ll die for God,” is much easier than actually doing little day to day things. I tend to feel like it’s great that other people do things like fasting or giving up makeup or Facebook for a week, but I think I’m somehow exempt from doing those kinds of things. So I’m trying to ask God if he wants me to do that kind of stuff.

As much as the week was more restful, I think I may have had a little too much free time. I was kind of bored and couldn’t decide what to do with myself a lot. My lower back has still been bothering me quite a bit (though it seems to have improved a little the last few days) and I’ve tried a lot of things for it, but it’s just not really getting much better. It’s probably not as bad as my poor roommate’s though; she tore some ligaments in her back playing volleyball. This week she was on pain meds, another one of my roommates was on pain meds, and a third started taking her sleeping pills again. They were all a little loopy and out of it at times and it made for some silly conversations.  

Not much to report as far as dancing goes. I had some rehearsals for all my different dances. They’re all in pretty good shape I think. They’re pretty much finished they just need a little bit of polishing. This weekend we head to Hilo on the other side of the island to perform at two churches. I’m not sure which parts of the show we’ll be performing. It should be a fun weekend though, we have two “mandatory fun nights” planned, which are supposed to include games, pizza and Korean junk food, as well as worship, and going to a real mall!

I finally finished my knitting project. It’s a “Swiss cheese” scarf/kerchief, inspired by a scarf I saw online. I adapted the concept and made it triangle-shaped instead though. I’m very happy with how it came out. I will eventually get some pictures taken. 

We got a little bit of teaching on cultural differences and what to expect in Japan and Korea. We learned some basic etiquette stuff and heard some horror stories about food. It sounds like Korean food will be really good, (lots of delicious meat and BBQ) but they also like to serve Americans some pretty weird stuff, like live baby octopi.

One night on the way back from the dance studio I tripped in the gravel, rolled my ankle a bit and bruised and scraped my leg up pretty badly. It didn’t hurt that badly, but I was feeling pretty pitiful and I just wanted to talk to my mom, but I couldn’t get ahold of her.  

In general, I’m not feeling as homesick, (although I’ve had a few dreams of being home) but also feel like I’m so ready to go home in some ways. Or I just want to go home for a weekend. One of the guys in my school lives in Honolulu and went home for Mother’s Day. I wish I could do that.  Not that I want to leave here, I’m just excited for being home too. My family is coming to the island when I get back in September and having a vacation and I’m psyched about that. It’s going to be a really nice long vacation. I’m trying to come up with cool stuff for us to do, so far my short list includes: the beach (duh!) various restaurants, (fro-yo for sure!)  the volcano, hopefully swimming with dolphins, black and maybe green sand beaches, coffee plantations, campus and seeing people they know, maybe an Island Breeze show, and going to Makapala, the other YWAM base that my mom was at when she did a school. I guess that’s not such a short list.

I have been in touch with some of my friends at home a little more this week and I want to do more of that. I wonder how it will be keeping up with the friends I’ve made here. Facebook has certainly changed keeping in touch, and there are several people who live in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Colorado who it will probably be easy to see. A lot of people are talking about coming back next spring to be on staff as well, and I’m looking at that or doing the film/acting school that runs at the same time, so it would be cool to be back with them.

And now to the “fun” stuff. There wasn’t a ton of it, but I did watch 50 First Dates with Kerry. It’s a good Hawaii movie. On Friday night a group of us went to the movies. I saw the new Pirates with Bri and Micaela. Bri is a fun person for me to watch movies with, she likes to talk and critique and doesn’t get annoyed when I do the same. It was a good movie; very different and generally less dark and more redemptive than the others. Plus they cut out Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley, so it couldn’t help but be a better movie. They kept most of the good characters and humor and the only thing I would say it lacked was an epic climax. It was a slight let-down at the end. The mermaids were gorgeous; I loved their rainbow-y tails.  We tried to relate the story of the missionary kid to our DTS experience. I’m clearly spoiled living in Hawaii, the scenery in those movies just doesn’t seem that stunning anymore. Side note: Kevin, my classmate from Honolulu’s mom works at the ranch where they film stuff on Oahu. Stuff like that, Lost and Jurassic Park. Cool stuff. We had taken a taxi there, but were able to catch a ride home with a YWAM couple. She’s from Brazil and he’s from Switzerland, how cool is that? One of the great things about living here is everywhere you go, you run into other YWAMers. When we got back we were starving for real food, and for some reason the only thing 
open past 10 on a Friday night was Bubba Gump’s, so we got some appetizers.

My henna tat

We found out at the last minute that we didn’t have to do work duty this weekend, so I actually had a nice break. I spent most of the day downtown with Terri-Lynn and Jordan (who was still under the influence of prescription pain meds.) We went to the farmer’s market, where I picked up some stuff for dinner and some birthday presents to send to people at home. Then I went to the henna place. And they went to the real tattoo place. We stopped for gelati again on the way home. We ended up having a really nice conversation with the lady who owns it. She moved to Hawaii 5 years ago to get back together with her ex-husband after 20 years of being divorced. It was a really cool story. They divorced when their kids were young and he was just into partying. He moved to Hawaii,  eventually changed his ways (he’s been clean and sober 13 years) then a few years back invited her and their daughter for a vacation, and they got back together. Anyway, she was super 
nice and chatty. It’s cool how much everyone likes YWAMers here.

They even have the same silverware we have, just like home!
I was able to go to Heidi and Aaron’s (who were on staff with my parents back in the day) house and cook dinner for them. It was kind of an ordeal because they were busy all day and the Wal-Mart shuttle never came so I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to pick up groceries. Fortunately Heidi found a few minutes to run me to Safeway, and it all worked out. I made them cheese and herb ravioli with chicken breast (marinated with the herbs, fresh garlic and fresh limes from a tree on campus) and breaded and fried zucchini and asparagus, with an avocado sauce, and then coconut pineapple ice cream with fresh mango for dessert. It was so good and a wonderful night. I got to hang around on their couch and watch TV too.

My Sunday was a typical lazy one: laundry, catching up on stuff from the week, and a swim in the pool (finally, it’s kind of pathetic that I live 300 yards from a pool and I’ve only been to it about 5 times.) I’m getting pretty tan, for me.
The restaurant's paging system..

...if you flip it to this side, someone will stop at your table
In the evening we went out to Bubba Gump’s for Emeka’s birthday. All the girls got all glammed up. The restaurant is all themed off Forrest Gump. It’s pretty cool, and the food is quite yummy. I had shrimp and Andouille sausage with mashed potatoes in a bourbon cream sauce and bread pudding with ice cream, whipped cream and vanilla sauce for dessert. Paying was a huge hassle, because they couldn’t figure out how to split our checks and the tip and tax got messed up, so I’m pretty sure I ended up overpaying, but oh well.

This week is shaping up to be awesome! Today was seriously the best day of lecture so far. I’ll just leave it at that, if you want to find out why, you’ll have to read next week’s blog!


  1. The couple from Brazil/Switzerland-- is her name Elizabeth? There was a couple like that who lived in the same house as me at Makapala. They were expecting their first baby. It was interesting because they didn't speak each other's language and neither one spoke very good Engish--their common language.

    Korean junk food--should be interesting!

  2. No, it wouldn't be the same people, this couple just got married last year. She's on staff and he's doing his DTS.

    I can't remember what the Korean thing is called, but it involves a fish sausage cake and a rice cracker I think.


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