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Today was the final, final deadline for outreach fees, and we saw about $15,000 come in this morning! One girl still has to get about $300, but other than that we're all paid up. It was nerve-wracking sitting in class watching the totals on the board change. This was a bittersweet day. We cleaned the classroom (and had an MJ dance party!) and dance studio that we've practically been living in for three months. Tonight was our "love feast" formalish Korean food dinner with dancing and cheesecake. It's been a week of goodbyes as other teams and roommates leave. After the love feast we said goodbye to two students (we've now lost a total of five people.) who aren't coming on outreach as well as four staff and their kids. And another staff couple who are waiting on Visas and will hopefully join us in Korea. It's hard to believe there's just one day left. Tomorrow and Wednesday morning will be spent packing, putting my extra stuff in storage, cleani

A Short Update

Aloha from Kona! I know a lot of you guys keep up with me on Facebook and my blog, where I try to put up pretty detailed regular updates. But for those of you that don’t, I thought I’d send a quick update. We are now on Week 11 out of 12 of our “lecture phase.” That means we do our first full performance in a week, and leave for Japan 12 days. (On June 29 th !) Life is super busy here, with lectures in the morning and rehearsals in the afternoon and sometimes as late as nine at night. Sometimes it’s stressful, but we’re all learning how to be flexible and lean on God. We’re all getting geared up and really excited for our trip. The show is coming together; we started rehearsing on stage yesterday. We’ve been learning lots about South Korea: (our school is bi-lingual and about a third of our students and leaders are Koreans!) So far all the Korean food we’ve had has been delicious; I’m really looking forward to that! Yesterday a guy who had just returned from Japan came and shared

A Token Note to Graduates :)

I got a text from my Dad tonight, he was at graduation where several of my friends were celebrating completing high school. It's weird to me that it's been a year since I was in their shoes. So I felt like I should write them a little note of encouragement. I'm excited about some stuff I'm hearing about here, and I want to share it with you guys! I'm sure you guys heard a lot of "This is the beginning of the rest of your life." and "You'll do great things." People have to say that stuff to you when you graduate. People are probably asking you want you want to do with your life, what are your plans, are you going to college, are you getting a job?  But I just want to share some thoughts I was having tonight, a year later about "the rest of our lives."  Don't be afraid of doing HUGE things! If being here at YWAM has taught me anything, it's that with God, seriously, BIG things are possible! YWAM really trusts young peo

Some Nighttime Ramblings

The last few weeks, ever since Hilo have kind of been insanely busy. Obviously, I haven't had a chance to blog since then, but I felt like sharing some quick thoughts. If I have time, I'll eventually write some detailed posts from the last few weeks, but blogging just isn't a big priority in my life right now. So today we were given our last chance to "back out" of going to Japan and Korea. Maria said that if we were feeling overwhelmed now, it's only going to be worse on outreach and we should really ask God and make sure that it's the right thing for us to go. I was feeling pretty tired and worn down at this point; my lower back has been in a lot of pain (prayer would be appreciated, for healing and for wisdom about what I should do to help it get better) and it's been a crazy few weeks with a few meltdowns. Doubts started to creep into my mind: can I handle the disorganization, and craziness, is this what God really wants me to do? Fortunately

Hilo Weekend

So this weekend was a mini-outreach to Hilo, on the other side of the island. Friday afternoon was pretty crazy. We ran kind of late because Maria surprised us and announced our new small groups early. For outreach they mix up the guys and girls and have a lot more student leaders. So we had a quick meeting with them just to get familiar with who’s in our group. Then we had a quick lunch. In the afternoon we had to pick up our costumes, pack, load our stuff and all the food into the vans, and iron our hula dresses. I was pretty stressed out. Unfortunately when I started to iron my white hula dress, the iron left a bunch of gray specks right on the front of it. I spent about an hour trying to get it off, finally resorting to scrubbing with a toothbrush for twenty minutes. Somehow I actually ended up with extra time and was able to take a quick walk and call my family before we left. The girl's luggage The 50 or so of us were pretty crowded in the bus and we had to put a lot

DTS Week 8: Original Design Lectures

Oh boy, there is so much to write about this week. It was pretty awesome. Our lectures were on Original Design with Bryan Brennt, along with his son and a married couple. Original Designs basically just what it says: finding out the way God originally designed you. So a lot of it was getting rid of strongholds in your life, like fear and passivity, so that you can actually live the way you were created to.  Fortunately for me, I had a pretty good upbringing and I didn’t have a lot of stuff to deal with. At first I was a little nervous about this week, the speaker is pretty hyper and there was a lot of prophecy involved, which I’m not used to, but as the week went on it got really good. On Tuesday we started the day off by just going around the room and praying for each other in groups of two or three. It was a really good time. The topics we worked on during lecture that day were fear and passivity. I don’t think of myself as passive but I checked a lot of the signs of passivity.

DTS Week 7

I meant to get this done on Sunday, now I feel like I have a bunch of new topics from this week that I could add, but I’ll stick to week 7 and save the current stuff for my next post. Last week was a nice rest for my brain and my body. I didn’t have a lot of dance rehearsals and we read the Bible instead of having lectures. I’m really enjoying that. We get in groups of three or four and take turns each reading a chapter. By the end of DTS we’re supposed to have read through the whole Bible. We started with the New Testament and so far my group is up to Romans 10. It’s cool to read in context like that. As much as I thought I knew the Bible pretty well there was stuff I didn’t realize. Like I don’t think I’ve ever read Acts start to finish before and I didn’t realize that it picks up like right after the gospels end. We also had one morning where we went through all the dorm rooms and prayed over them. I’m usually not big on going to Thursday night gathering, and I was kind of