Week 5

This week I had a much lighter rehearsal schedule. I only had a few dances and one singing class the whole week. It was good to have a break, because my lower back/hips started really bothering me this week. After a lot of prayer, icing, gentle stretching, walking, making myself sit up straight for lecture, and Advil, it’s feeling quite a bit better. I’ve also always slept on my stomach, which I know is bad for it, and I’ve tried for years to sleep on my side. For the last four or five nights I’ve slept on my side. I’m pretty sure it’s a miracle. On a side note, I’m really enjoying the Hansam.

On Monday morning we got to do Bible reading for three hours instead of lecture. I love when we do it. We get in groups of three and take turns reading chapters out loud. It’s just so much more interesting that way. Maria did our lectures this week, on Spiritual Warfare and discipleship. They were good, but just kind of general overviews that I didn’t get a ton out of.  One of her lectures started some debate about how heaven works. Maria says there’s a sort of waiting place or paradise where everyone who’s died is, and then when Jesus comes back then they will get judged and go to heaven. I’ve never heard it taught like that; I thought you just go straight to heaven, so I’m going to do some research. On Friday we got to share briefly about what we’re learning and then more Bible reading.

I’m really loving my small group. We had one morning this week where we worked on and prayed for fundraising ideas for everyone’s fees. All the groups came up with great ideas. I’m in charge for setting up dance classes for kids on campus. We also did the love languages quiz one day. I had a pretty good idea of what mine were: Quality Time was my highest, Physical Touch lowest, and the other three were pretty much tied in the middle. We have to start journaling for small group now and we all got journals to decorate. On Friday night we got to go to Maria’s house. It was so nice and relaxing to be in a real house. We got pizza 
and we watched TV and played on the Wii.

I had a pretty good week with God. I’m just trying to focus on really getting to know Him. I was a little more disciplined about getting to the prayer room and having serious quiet time. I’m finally reading Loren Cunningham’s book about the beginnings of YWAM, “Is That Really You God?” and enjoying it so far. I’m also rereading an old Ted Dekker book, Heaven’s Wager. If you haven’t read the series, I highly recommend it. It’s one of Ted Dekker’s oldest, but it’s really good.

I’ve been thinking a lot since I’ve been here about the Holy Spirit, miracles, the supernatural. The more mysterious side of God that honestly I wasn’t exposed to much at home. Most of the churches I’ve been in hardly mention the Holy Spirit. There are things that happen here that kind of freak me out, but are also incredible. I haven’t personally witnessed any major miracles, but people talk about them all the time.  One thing especially is speaking in tongues. Almost everyone here does it, and this week I almost thought I could, but I’m not really sure. I think it’s really kind of weird and a little scary. I’d be interested if anyone has input or thoughts on speaking in tongues.

There was actually some good food this week: ham, sirloin, chicken curry, BLTs and they were doing a fundraiser to start a campus bakery, so there were a lot of delicious baked goods.  There were also some really gross things. I feel like I ate a lot though. We had two different birthdays so we had cake and ice cream two days in a row. I’m looking forward to our fridge being fixed so I can keep a few more healthy things like fruit, veggies, cheese and yogurt around.

There was a lot of stomach flu going around this week. Two of my roommates had it and one other girl in my class, but fortunately it didn’t spread too much.

I’ve had a lot of TV/movie discussions this week, which you guys probably know is one of my favorite things to do. There’s one girl who’s totally into movies and we had a couple movie watching and discussion nights this week. (Kaitlyn, there’s also girl who’s totally into USA shows and it makes me miss you.)  

I’m getting quite excited for outreach. They’ve been telling us more about what it will be like. We’ll only be spending three weeks in Japan and they now want us to got to the possibly more dangerous disaster areas. Some families just got back to campus from there, and they said that all the radiation warnings are down, and the people are really hungry for God. No one has really been to Japan, especially since the earthquake, so we don’t have a super good idea of what it will be like there.

There are lots of plans for Korea. I’m told the food is incredible there, and based on what I’ve tasted so far, it is. They’re trying to get us on as many kinds of transportation there as possible, including highways buses and trains. There’s a lot of really cheap shopping there, so we’ll probably pack really light, especially on clothing, and buy a lot of stuff there. We’re going to do some cool stuff there too, like visit a historical Korean village, maybe a giant waterpark, and go pray at the border of North Korea. We’ll be having our graduation there, since some of the Koreans will probably just stay home instead of coming back to Kona.
The pier

purple rice pudding

So far it’s been a nice weekend. Yesterday I walked down to the pier with some girls and lay in the sand for a couple hours.  Then some of us walked to the farmer’s market and I had some really yummy purple rice pudding (who knew there even was purple rice) and got a birthday gift for one of my classmates, Yuna. I also tried this delicious thing called gelati. It’s shave ice layered with ice cream. It’s from Philadelphia I guess, but they have it here because shave ice is so popular. Anyway, I got pineapple with the creamiest, richest, best coconut ice cream. I ate dinner last night because I didn’t know that I would end up going out for Indian food for Yuna’s birthday. So I was really full already and I just had some samosas and a mango lassi. We all got soaked walking back in the rain. Then I stayed up really late watching the Prestige with Kerry.
everyone's soaked!

Today will probably be a typical chill Sunday, doing laundry, talking to my family, catching up on stuff I don’t have time for during the week, decorating my journal and working on my assignments for it. Some dancers might be doing street performances downtown later. And we have mid-term (can’t believe we’re almost halfway through already) room inspections this week, so we have to do major room cleaning tonight.