DTS Weekend 1

spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking oatmeal, hot dogs and doing dishes. It was pretty fun though. They have all the dancers doing every other weekend kitchen duty. Spent the afternoon at Walmart and Target and getting my stuff more organized. There's a family on staff here who know my parents from when they were in YWAM, and she offered to drive me. They're so nice! Then I Skyped my family for a while and rested. It was so nice to see them! After dinner, a bunch of girls went to this really cool frozen yogurt place. Right next door they have one of those Zorb things. I think we're going to go do it tomorrow. There were a bunch of people hanging out at the campus cafe when we got back, have a "Brazilian Night" and dancing and we all joined in. Different people showed taught some of their moves: Brazilian, Nigerian, Bollywood, and B-girl! Heading to bed now because I have kitchen duty at 6 tomorrow!