DTS Week 3

I won’t say that I had the best Easter weekend of my life. I missed my family and unfortunately I had to do kitchen duty for the Easter brunch, which meant I couldn’t go to church. At least the brunch was really yummy. And my grandma baked and sent me a loaf of her Easter bread! It got here on like Tuesday, along with some other treats from my Mom. They played The Passion of the Christ on Saturday night and I watched it for the first time. I’ve never cried that much during a movie.

My small group did “secret angels” over the weekend, and I forgot about it until Sunday afternoon, so speed-knitted a white plumeria headband for Ashley, my small group leader.

I’ve realized that I really have a sense of entitlement about having good food. Our fridge broke this week, (right after they finally got our toilet fixed) so I had to throw a bunch of my brunch leftovers and my cheese and Farmer’s Market veggies out. I was really grumpy about that, especially when I didn’t like any of the food they served the next day. Anyway, I’m trying really hard to have a better attitude about the food here, and try to eat fairly healthy.

A group of us went and saw Soul Surfer, the story of Bethany Hamilton that night.  It was a fun movie to watch while we’re here in Hawaii, but I did feel a little more apprehensive swimming in the ocean this week.

Week 3 was “Corporate Week” meaning we were combined with the four other DTS’s for lectures all week. It’s really hard to focus when you’re in that big group for 3+ hours every day.  We started every day with some awesome worship. We had some guys from Haiti’s YWAM this week and they led us in some songs. There was a lot of dancing involved. I love when we get to worship in more than one language. Our speakers were YWAM’s founders: Loren and Darlene Cunningham and another guy who’s been with YWAM for years: David Hamilton. I was initially feeling privileged and excited about having them speak, but the first day was just plain boring. Loren was really hard to follow. When I looked back over my notes, I realized that he was ultimately talking about God’s love and how it can shape a country when they follow God. As the week went on, it got much better. I loved Loren’s last talk was on sacrifice. It was almost straight out of one of his books that I read before I came. It’s so cool to be that he still tells the same stories after 20 years.

One of the things God really revealed to me this week is that I need to let go of time. I realized as we sat through lectures that I’m constantly checking the clock, being impatient, when it makes absolutely no difference. Knowing what time it is and being impatient won’t make anything go faster. So I’m trying to not look at my clock unless it’s to make sure that I’m on time for something. It’s all part of letting go of being a control freak in general I think.

Besides lectures, most of the afternoons and some of the evenings were pretty full this week.  We had a lot of dance rehearsals, still working on Mighty Spirit and hula. I was really sore after three days of hula in a row. We also had auditions for the couple’s Ceroc dance. Ceroc is sort of a simplified version of swing and salsa dancing.

I’ve found it’s not necessarily easier to have quiet time with God here than it was at home. I made myself go to the prayer room a couple times this week and it was great. I’m going to try to be more dedicated this week.

Got to go out and have some really delicious sea food at this popular place called Splasher’s.

We got a really cool free book this week. Some people here have been developing this new format of the Bible called Sourceview. It’s basically like reading a script. It’s laid out with narrator, Jesus, and other people’s dialogue so that a few people can read it out loud at once. Anyway, they gave us sample that has about 5 books of the Bible in it and the whole thing comes out in a month or so.http://sourceviewbible.com/

I’ve definitely bonded with my roomies more this week. We’ve had a lot more deep conversations and just hung out more. We got all dolled up for one of their birthdays and went out to Outback for appetizers and then fro-yo.

There have been some disturbing and potentially dangerous stuff going on with some of the DTS students this week. (Fortunately no one from my school.)  Some drug incidents and other stuff you wouldn’t expect on a Christian campus. It’s a good reminder to pray and be careful around here.

We had a meeting for fundraising for our school. Everyone has managed to pay their lecture fees but about $88,000 total needs to be raised for everyone to go on outreach. (Considering there was a night last week when they took an offering and raised $116,000 for some building projects on campus, that number doesn’t seem so big!) I’m so thankful that not only do I have enough for mine, I actually have a bit extra so I can contribute to others and for living on and having fun while and I’m here.

On Friday night it was the big Dodgeball night and for our school it was “mandatory fun night.” While watching sports isn’t my favorite thing, I had a pretty good time. The teams went pretty all out with costumes and stuff.

Yesterday our school had a beach day. It was really fun. I swam for a bit, then sunbathed and read, and hung out. They made us some delicious Korean BBQ chicken and beef, along with rice and kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage, which I actually kind of liked; it’s just spicy) and a ton of other snacks. I’m looking forward to when we’re on outreach and they cook for us all the time.

We went and saw Water for Elephants in the evening and it was really good. The costumes were gorgeous and the elephants were so cute!

Just having a chill Sunday today, chatting my family, doing some laundry and cleaning, probably going to Wal-Mart.