DTS Week 2

On Friday night I walked to Wal-Mart with two of my roommates. On our way back this creepy drunk guy started following us, but one of the other girls turned around pointed and yelled for him to leave, and he did. She said she felt the power of God like she never had. We called some guys to meet us at McDonald’s and walk us home after that.
Saturday was our big beach day. It was really nice, though I ended up with some pretty nasty sunburn on my thighs. As my mom said, they’ve never seen much sun!

Sunday was a nice lazy sort of day: I did my laundry and cleaned up the room, read my Bible, went through my notes from lectures, watched some America’s Best Dance Crew, chilled, and watched High School Musical with some of the girls down the hall.  

On Monday mornings we have worship with everyone and it’s great. After that we dove into a couple of intense days. We had four lectures (meant to be spread out over a whole week, but we had to cram because of scheduling) on sex and relationships: two each day, some going until nine at night. I’m thankful to say that I didn’t learn much: my parents taught me well and I pretty much agreed with all of it.

On Monday afternoon we got to start working on some of the dances. They still haven’t announced many of the parts, but I do know that I’ll be one of the five girls in “Mighty Spirit,” which is a modern/worship dance (and one of the most technically challenging in the show) that’s really pretty.  We also worked on the Tahitian and Hula dances.

On Tuesday we got our small group assignments and had a quick meeting with them. I’m really excited for that. We also get one-on-one meetings with our leader. I really like my leader and my group and I’m super excited about small groups and one-on-ones.  

Wednesday mornings we pray with our small group and then in the Prayer Room. It was a really good time for me this week. I also got to have my one-on-one with my leader, Ashley, and that was great. Wednesday was definitely a spiritual high day for me. I had most of the afternoon off, just a short dance rehearsal, so I finally went and checked out the campus library (not that I have a lot of extra reading tiem) and then went for some frozen yogurt.

A group of us got Sushi for dinner. I wanted to be brave, so I went all out and got one with raw Ahi, cucumber, papaya and pickled cucumber. It was okay, but not super great. I liked the other ones I tried with avocado, smoked salmon, cream cheese and chicken better. The raw fish was super soft, like mush or like fruit; I expected more chew, but it wasn’t bad, just a little weird when you think about it too much. We went for a night swim in the campus pool. That was the first time I made it down there.   

Yesterday I was pretty worn out. I had a hard time focusing on lecture. I’ve been working my knitting a little while I listen, it helps me focus more. We had a singing class in the afternoon. Everyone who isn’t in the acting (which is almost all of us, since there are only four parts) did it. I’m excited to learn a little more about singing. We went to the Farmer’s Market in the afternoon. I’ve been adding herbs and avocado to my salads and that makes them so much better. I also got a steaming bowl for our microwave, so I can steam veggies in it.

We had our big Thursday night gathering and Loren Cunningham spoke about a lot of the expansions to the campus that they’re planning.

We had a Good Friday service this morning, which was good. Kay, our main dance leader/choreographer, did a beautiful dance and there was communion and worship and a little speaking. We had some lecture time and then we read the Bible (we’re going to read through the whole thing by the end of our DTS, and we started today with Matthew) for an hour.

We had our first real small group meeting. We also did this funny exercise where you imagine yourself in a forest, and you have to say like what two different animals you picture, then a cabin and if the door is open or closed, and so on, and then each supposedly thing means something, like how open you are in relationships and stuff.

I got a little care package from my family this afternoon! A bunch of girls got drinks from the café and went swimming in the pool. Then we went for Thai food. It was so good. We split some egg and spring rolls and then I got yellow curry with potatoes, chicken and carrots. I had sweet sticky rice with mangos and coconut milk for dessert. It was so good. I was stuffed.

The film school here is doing a term-long seminar on Culture-Shaping Cinema and anyone can audit it. You can go to the first one free, and then if you want, you can sign up for $15 and come to as many as you want. So tonight I went with another girl and saw The King’s Speech. It was really good.  I didn’t expect it to be so funny. David Cunningham led some discussion afterwards. There are some many opportunities to do things here that I want to take advantage of. Our school is being offered a chance to take nine weeks of free photography classes.