DTS Week 1

So once we actually started, I got really busy and obviously haven't sent as many updates.

Monday morning we had worship with everyone on campus. The worship is one of my favorite things here. Most of the rest of the day was spent with the rest of my DTS (38 people and 12 staff) working on doing introductions. My school is bilingual in English and Korean, so everything takes twice as long because it has to be translated. It's kind of cool though. I wish Korean was easier to learn. I love when we worship in both languages though. So anyway, we didn't get through many introductions. After each person went, we all prayed for them. We have a really interesting mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds, some of them quite sad. There's a guy who didn't really know God, but decided to come because he saw how his older sister was a Christian, and now he's so excited and just reading the Bible and praying and asking questions all the time. It makes me excited!

Monday night after dinner (have I mentioned how gross the food is here? I miss home-cooking so much!) was dance auditions. It felt great to get to dance. I never feel like I do that well on dance auditions for some reason though. We have a big mix of levels and not a lot of experienced people. It was basically just dance class, we warmed up and then did a few short patterns in each style. We did ballet, modern, hula and Tahitian, and hip-hop. It was really fun to try hula and Tahititian, I hope I get to do more of it. I just didn't feel like I got to really show what my technique really is. 
 The break dancers, pointe girls, and our one pop-n-locker, showed off their skills after that. I'm so blown away by the breakers and popper. They could like be on America's Best Dance Crew. 

On Tuesday we had three people with birthdays, so we had cake and ice cream during our morning lecture. Then Kenny, our school leader's husband, gave us our first lecture: on the character and identity of God.  He had a lot of good stuff to say. The schedule kept changing and I got kind of stressed out. I guess God is teaching me to let go of having a plan all the time.  We had to go to orientation for work duty, which I had already done, so it was a fairly pointless meeting for me, then we did more introductions, had dinner and went back for more lecture, which was mostly watching a video. I had seen it before, it's from when Chris Tomlin did his Indescribable tour and it's about outer space. 

Yesterday we had prayer and worship time, followed by a lecture on Hawaiian culture and history. After lunch we had singing and music auditions. I wasn't go to do it, mostly because I think my schedule will be really full without adding singing to it, but after everyone serious went ( and there are some really talented people) other people started doing it and I ended up joining in. I couldn't think of any songs, so I asked once I got up there, and one of the leaders said, "Sing a Disney song." So I did Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid. It was so fun! The other highlight was when one of the guys sang the entire "Elephant Love Medley" from Moulin Rouge (which I just watched recently so I actually recognized) he even did the talking and girl's part. It was pretty funny. 

We got a few hours off in the afternoon and I walked to the farmer's market with some other girls. I got the hugest avocados you've ever seen in your life and some mangos! They have a ton of gorgeous produce and I'm going to see if I can get something to steam vegetables in the microwave. 

We had acting auditions in the evening, which was basically like improv class and a lot of fun. 

Today was pretty relaxed, we just did more introductions and then some reading and discussion. I spent the afternoon relaxing and then we had a church service after dinner.