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Yep, my deepest blogs are inspired by Facebook....

So I’m checking out Facebook’s new timeline tonight, looking back on the past 3.5 years of my life or so and it’s making me sad. I feel sort of lost right now, bored, boring, out of touch with people, directionless. A lot of memories and things I miss are coming to mind: As much as I’m glad to not be in high school, I miss it. I had so many good times. I miss planning dances and dressing up, making the playlists, planning, decorating and cooking for parties, and Shakespeare class, Improv and laughing till I couldn’t breathe, not being in AHHA, jumping up and down with Heather backstage at Churchill, learning to drive, dancing, doing “senior” stuff,  the Corn Maize, movies, plays, directing class and inside jokes and quotes, photoshoots, working hard at Karate, not working hard at Karate, walking to Coldstone, Twilight debates, pointless statuses on Facebook, being super hyper, spontaneous social gatherings, coming up with ridiculous graduation pranks late at night under the inf

Get Bella's Wedding Makeup for Less!

Ever since I saw this article  and the movie, I've been playing around with Bella's beautiful wedding makeup.  The article details the exact makeup used to achieve Bella's wedding look in Breaking Dawn, Pt 1. And while caviar-enhanced foundation and coverup may have given her that perfect movie glow, that's a little out of most people's price ranges. Here's how I do Bella's look with mark. makeup.  Many Twi-hards may be familiar with mark. already since Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the film series, is our brand ambassador. All these products are available online at .  You'll need: Min-A-Real Foundation in Ivory (or the closest to your skin tone.) Glowdacious Powder in Prettied Up  (I don't have any mark. powder yet, but I suggest this)  Pink Blush from the Showcase Color & Clutch To Go or  Good Glowing  Powder Blush in Star Glow Touch & Glow Shimmer Cubes From the Super Fli

And the Adventure Begins...

Finally finished cleaning and organizing my room and stripping it of most of the decorations and now I'm ready to begin the redecorating. Here are the "Before" pictures.   Here's the plans so far: Make or get a duvet cover, a ton of pillows and make pillow cases, turn the bed and nightstand and put it on the far wall. Get rid of the bookshelf, or possibly make it sort of a dresser inside the closet. New or painted lampshde. Paint the nightstand.  Paint the walls true white, and one or two in a color, probably coral. Love my mirrored closet doors, no changes to make there! Get a chaise to put under the window. A big area rug and an ottoman/coffee table, hopefully out of a vintage suitcase. New papers or paint on the jewelry display board. A cheese grater-earring holder. Those are just a few of my ideas. Since I don't have a huge budget for it right now, I'll be thrifting and making as much of it as I can, a little at a time.

Pretty Salads


Kalbi: Korean BBQ Ribs

Last week I made Korean BBQ Ribs for my family. This started with a really fun trip to the Asian market to find a few specialty ingredients. There were a lot of things I missed from Korea, including my very favorite coconut crackers! I just found out that we have an actual Korean market too! I was able to get Charlie's (One of our staff who cooked for us a lot) recipe and it was really simple. I just marinated the meat in sesame oil, garlic and sugar.  Served with steamed rice, onions, mushrooms, kimchi (some cooked, some raw), scallions, garlic, sesame oil, red pepper flakes, sesame seeds, soy sauce, lettuce (for wraps) and ssaamjang (Korean bean paste/red pepper sauce).  Here it is in a Korean restaurant. 

DIY Dance Shorts and Legwarmers Photo Tutorial

I recently overhauled my closet and found several sweaters and sweater dresses that are either pilled, stretched out, or I'm simply tired of them. I've been needing more shorts for dance, but they're pretty expensive to buy. So I decided to upcycle the sweaters and make some legwarmers and shorts out of them. This first project I whipped up on the afternoon of Halloween, because I needed a costume to wear to ballet class. I used a green sweater dress and went as Poison Ivy. I should mention that I hate sewing, and our sewing machine hates me. Seriously, it's fine when my mom uses it, but I can hardly sew 10 stitches before the thread comes out, gets tangled, or has some other unfortunate mishap. All that to say, it usually takes me a lot longer than I anticipate to sew anything, so starting this project 2 hours before my class was slightly insane. Materials needed: Old Sweater or Sweater Dress Paper Pencil Scissors Pins Sewing Machine Thread that matches the


Finally did Lucille Ball for a Halloween costume! (And It only cost me $2 for a curtain from St Vinnie's to make the apron out of. Everything else I already owned!) I had to come up with something I could wear to ballet class on Halloween (and do ballet in) so I upcycled an old sweater dress and made green shorts and legwarmers (See my tutorial here .) and went as Poison Ivy. This costume was completely free! Hair and makeup.

New Name Announced!

Well, its official, A Cameo Appearance has a new name….drum roll please…..Ginger Nifty! I didn’t get any contest entries, but since the idea came from my mom (see the story below) I’ll make her a free item. Don’t worry though; I’ll have a new contest soon and another chance to win something! Now a little more explanation about the name. First of all, it suits me and the business, considering I’m a ginger and knitting, thrifting and vintage are all pretty nifty! My mom had a dream a few months ago in which we owned a thrift store in Australia named Ginger Nifty. Over going through a ton of possible names, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. My little sister used it for her blog for a little while, but decided not to keep it and let me use it. (I should probably knit her something too!) Also, thanks to my awesome brother for help with the graphic design work! I've switched over my urls on everything (Twitter, Ravelry, Pinterest, Facebook pages, and Etsy) so you might hav

Some Thrift-Store Finds

I'm trying to get in the habit of buying more of my clothes at thrift stores so I've been going more often. Here are some of my recent purchases. $6.99 Vintage day dress that fits perfectly. Unfortunately the zipper broke the first time I wore it, but it's an easy fix. Love this picture! $3.99 black and white skirt $3.99 chartreuse summer skirt  Silly pictures in my little brother's tiny armchair! $3.99 magenta midi skirt (which I'm going to make a little shorter)  Great for colorblocking! $14.99 brand new Merona from Target grey cords. I'm going to take the legs in. Not sure why they haven't invented skinny cords yet. (I don't have any pictures of this one) $.99 Cheese grater to spray paint and hang earrings on. (or this, but I will when it's finished!) $9.99 black trunk, perfect for yarn storage/ottoman/coffee table for my room.

Fall Foods....

Homemade butternut squash soup with homemade parmesan croutons, (leftovers from soup and bread that my mom made the day before) crumbled bacon, and chevre goat cheese, cold farm-fresh apple cider on the side. Perfect fall lunch!



Just a Quickie

Just a quick post to announce that I'm now selling mark. makeup! It's a division of Avon and they sell affordable makeup, skincare, fragrance and fashion items! "Like" my Facebook fan page to see the greatest deals, new parties, and beauty tips! I'll probably be doing some beauty tutorials on here as well! I don't have any parties planned just yet, but in the meantime you can shop through my online eboutique ! It's a super convenient way to order anytime!


Our family is working on doing more creative, healthy and cheap meals, so I searched for a bunch of recipes and helped make the menu for this month. I found this yummy  gnocchi recipe . It suggested frozen gnocchi, but I made it from scratch from a  Giada recipe . As for the sauce and toppings, I decided to just wing it. I looked at the ingredients on the recipe and made it up from there.  My ingredients Chopped zucchini, onions, fresh parsley and garlic My excellent sous chef, my little brother. He rolled most of the gnocchi. Mmmm....veggies sauteing in brown butter. Finished Product: Gnocchi Zucchini Ribbons and Parsley Brown Butter. Bon Appetit!