Blog Updates!

Hey everyone! You might notice some changes around here. I've changed the title of the blog to A Cameo Appearance, to be consistent with my new Etsy shop, where I'll be selling knitted goods as well as other crafts and some vintage stuff. I'll be working on how the blog (and the shop) look.

I'm also trying to raise money so I can go to this program with YWAM in April and I'm taking orders for knitted Christmas gifts. I can custom make just about anything except sweaters, because they're so time consuming. If you're interested let me know ASAP because I can only make so many things in the next few months.

On another note, I've been making tomato soup lately. We have a ton of garden tomatoes and basil right now, so I've been trying to use it up. On Thursday I made some chouquettes for a girl's knitting night and I decided to make some savory ones to accompany my soup. For the filling I roasted some red peppers and mixed them with whipped cream, crumbled bacon, ricotta cheese and some spices.