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Blog Updates!

Hey everyone! You might notice some changes around here. I've changed the title of the blog to A Cameo Appearance, to be consistent with my new Etsy shop, where I'll be selling knitted goods as well as other crafts and some vintage stuff. I'll be working on how the blog (and the shop) look. I'm also trying to raise money so I can go to this program with YWAM in April and I'm taking orders for knitted Christmas gifts. I can custom make just about anything except sweaters, because they're so time consuming. If you're interested let me know ASAP because I can only make so many things in the next few months. On another note, I've been making tomato soup lately. We have a ton of garden tomatoes and basil right now, so I've been trying to use it up. On Thursday I made some chouquettes for a girl's knitting night and I decided to make some savory ones to accompany my soup. For the filling I roasted some red peppers and mixed them with whipped crea

Knitting Update! Plus Free Hat Pattern!

Here's what I've gotten done on the knitting front lately: -Started a Ravelry account. This is a really fun knitting/crocheting site with tons of patterns on it! I'm so inspired.  -Work in progress: Que Sera sweater from Knitty in Lion Brand Organic Cotton Spice. The hardest pattern I've ever done. The only time I've worked from a chart except a really simple color pattern and I've never done complex lace. It took me a long time to get going. I ended up realizing I had misread one of the instructions and took out about 6 inches of it. I'm making good progress now though!  the left upper front -Whipped up a replacement for my gray spiral scarf . Just in time for fall weather. -Finally got my lace hat pattern up. It is now available as a free  Ravelry download: -Working on developing two more patterns: a baby pumpkin hat and a ladybug amigurumi.  -Made some

Being Vintage

August was a 1950's themed month for me. Not only did I have a 50's birthday party, but we also threw a dance with a 50's beach party theme. My brother was inspired by Gilligan's Island, and my sister's dress was made from a vintage pattern.   I got this fabulous outfit at a vintage store a few months ago! It was a good price and it still had tags that said, "I'm fully lined!" I didn't know what I would wear it to! One of my friends organized a "Pretend to be time travelers from the 1940's" day last week. We didn't get a great turn out, but it was really fun! We had characters and backstories (I was Stella Williams, up and coming fashion designer from New York.) We wandered around campus and then had brunch. We got a lot of stares and comments. The most fun was going into the Apple Store and asking the employees how everything worked. We're planning on doing 80's, 20's, future, Anc