My Latest Projects

Last week I went to a Hawk Nelson concert. I had an old t-shirt signed by them, but it just didn't fit right, so about 3 hours before the concert I decided it needed some modification. I cut off the sleeves and shoulders, hand-gathered the back and made a little bow out of a zipper to put on the back.

I made Julia Child's chocolate souffle for Valentine's Day. It fell a little bit. The week leading up to Valentine's Day is supposed to be Chocolate Week at our house, but we were busy and it's dragged on to more of month. Gabriel made chocolate dipped cocoa peanut butter balls last week. A few other things we've made lately that I don't have pictures of are cinnamon rolls, egg drop soup, chai tea cookies (which were really good) and panini with spinach, chicken sausage, pesto, cheese and avacado. We're having a "Pie Friday" at my Shakespeare class in a few weeks and I'm planning on chocolate peanut butter pie with ganache topping and Nutter Butter crust.

Soon I'll get my latest knitting projects and vintage finds up!


  1. I would like to have a copy of your Chai Tea cookies. Esp if they were really good. I LOVE chai :)


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