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Current Projects

On Friday afternoon I came home from class in need of a snack so I whipped up these peanut butter nutella cookies. I used a peanut butter cookie recipe, cut down on the sugar and substituted nutella for part of the peanut butter. They were tasty (perfect with a glass of milk)and the texture was good, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the result. Neither of the flavors came through that well. This is my latest knitting project: a vintage bathing suit pattern I found online called "water sprite." It's totally adorable and makes me think of Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story. The trick is that the yarn and needle sizing on vintage patterns is different. I went with 100% cotton yarn in a worsted weight and size 5 needles. It turned out to be a much bigger gauge, so I'm doing some major adapting to the pattern. Hopefully it will turn out okay. I found mixed opinions online about whether you can actually swim in a knitted bathing suit, but I'll pr

Some Projects I Did This Week

I made chicken alfredo for lunch one day this week. I was craving pasta, so I just threw together whatever we had. The chicken already had some pesto on it, and then I made a basic alfredo with some lemon zest and a little spice added and topped it with oven roasted asparagus. I'm not a big fan of rotini, (for some reason I don't think it tastes as good) but it was all we had around. This was a baking experiment that nearly went horribly wrong. I wanted to make chouquettes, a french pastry that's basically a cream puff, and I decided to bake sauteed apples into them. I did a sample one and it worked. I was going to do caramel ginger citrus (we just got a micro plane so I've been trying it out for grated ginger and citrus zest) whipped cream though, and the caramel wouldn't incorporate, so at the last minute I decided to add it to the apples. Not such a good idea. It oozed out all over the pan and burnt. Fortunately none of the burnt part stuck to the bottom of