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About Me

Hello There.
I'm Jessamyn.

I live in the lovely Pacific Northwest, where I sell coffee beans for the family business and foster an overabundance of hobbies. I grew up homeschooled and am now pursuing my Home Phd*.
Evidence of my tea addiction.

I enjoy drinking tea, knitting, never updating my blog, feminism, trying to follow Jesus well, performing arts, talking loudly while watching movies with my friends, writing witty bios about myself, overanalyzing Star Wars, snuggling my Jack Russell Terrier, and working on literary inspired web series.
Me and the sibs: "Three Gingers and a Gingerbread Man". 
Shameless self-promotion/links to cool stuff I’ve been involved in:
-I co-created and acted in Project Dashwood. (If you like webseries or Jane Austen, go check out it out.)
-I'm on the development, writing and transmedia teams for Away From it All. (If you like webseries or Thomas Hardy or at least that pretty Carey Mulligan film of Far From the Madding Crowd, check it out.)
-I work for my family's coffee business, Voyage Coffee Roasters. (If you like delicious coffee, go buy it.)
-I also worked on The Glad Game and the upcoming Merry Maidens. (If you like Polyanna or Robin Hood or webseries, go check them out.)
-I sell knitting patterns on Etsy. (If you like cute knitted stuff, go check it out.)
-And of course if you just like my dazzling humor and personality or you want Star Wars prequels gifs in your life, you can find me on ALL the social medias** as gingernifty.
Too cool to look at the camera. 
True Fact: The name of my blog actually came from a dream my mom had, where me and my siblings were running a thrift store in Australia named GingerNifty.

I just really like this selfie okay?
*Just kidding. That is not a thing.

**except snapchat. snapchat is for youths and I'm secretly 89 years old.