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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tangsuyuk (Korean Sweet and Sour Pork)

Wednesdays are my night to cook dinner around our house. I've been trying to develop my Korean cooking skills. I started a Pinterest board of recipes, mostly from my new favorite Korean recipe site Maangchi.

탕수육 (Tansuyuk) is actually a Korean version of a Chinese dish. For whatever reason, we ate at Chinese restaurants a lot when I was in Korea, and this was one of my favorite things. 

Chopped veggies ready for the sauce. 

 Any sauce with this many veggies beats Panda Express. A couple of unexpected ingredients are apples, pineapple, and cucumber. You also finish the sauce with toasted sesame oil, which to me, is what really makes it taste Korean. 

I used Maangchi's recipe, but with a few small changes. I used pork instead of beef, cornstarch instead of potato starch, used more veggies than it called for. 

The sauce was delish, but I have room for improvement on the pork itself. It's battered in a mix of corn starch and egg white and then deep-fried twice. I need to work on my deep-frying skills. I have hard time regulating the temperature. I ended up with some pieces where the meat was tender, but the coating was kind of soggy, and others with crispy coating, but dry meat. 

My plate. 

I served it with Korean-style rice and of course, kimchi, although I wasn't in a kimchi mood. I found a great recipe for doing Korean rice on the stovetop, (in Korea, everyone owns a rice steamer) but I think I've been putting too much water on it and it keeps coming out mushy. 

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