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Monday, October 1, 2012

Room Teaser

After five years of living in this house and almost a year since I "undecorated" my room, I finally made some progress. Before I left for Haiti, I picked up fabric for a duvet and pillows. Last weekend was I used loosely followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest and got it done. This week I made a couple trips to the store and picked a color and we painted my room over the weekend. That means I'm almost done decorating my room. This week I still need to make some pillows, paint the nightstand, get the pictures up on the walls and do a few other little projects. I'll take some nice photos (Sorry, these are terrible phone pics again.) and give the full reveal when it's done, hopefully next week!

I gathered up all the stuff I've been collecting to decorate with. I've got a little bit of something for each of my trips up there! (Travel/Decorating tip: Postcards make great, cheap souvenirs that you can turn into wall art!)

I love my comfy comforter, so I decided to make a duvet for it instead of replacing it. Here I'm laying it out to measure. 

The color isn't completely accurate in the pictures, but can you guess which paint color I picked? 

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