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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some Thrift-Store Finds

I'm trying to get in the habit of buying more of my clothes at thrift stores so I've been going more often. Here are some of my recent purchases.

$6.99 Vintage day dress that fits perfectly. Unfortunately the zipper broke the first time I wore it, but it's an easy fix.

Love this picture!

$3.99 black and white skirt

$3.99 chartreuse summer skirt
 Silly pictures in my little brother's tiny armchair!

$3.99 magenta midi skirt (which I'm going to make a little shorter)
 Great for colorblocking!

$14.99 brand new Merona from Target grey cords. I'm going to take the legs in. Not sure why they haven't invented skinny cords yet. (I don't have any pictures of this one)

$.99 Cheese grater to spray paint and hang earrings on. (or this, but I will when it's finished!)

$9.99 black trunk, perfect for yarn storage/ottoman/coffee table for my room.

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